android en un N8???

gente de taringa y la comunidad... pispiando en internet encontre esto que me sorprendio....

Buscaba algun emulador de Android para mi n8 y en una pregunta de yahoo respuesta encontré esto que dejo a continuación

Hola, es factible instalar android en tu nokia aunque se pierden algunas caracteristicas, te dejo como hacerlo:

N8x0Install Flashing How To - N8x0 - To Android And Back NEW HOWTO GUIDE FOR DJ_STEVES BUILDS (based on Android 1.6 Donut) --CHANGELOG-- Removed Google apps due to crashing and causing problems Edited init.rc memory settings to allow more memory to be used. Added E-Buddy Messenger Added ASTRO File Manager Added AndChat IRC Client Added Connectbot ssh/telnet client Added Snake Game Added Twidget Lite Widget Removed Voice Search/Dialer Home screen now allows adding/moving/deleting items Touch screen seems to be a bit inaccurate right at the bottom so try to keep off the very bottom edge - not too hard because buttons are fine size wish I would say this build is just about usable - it still crashes when it goes to sleep sometimes though (omap watchdog reboots it) Boot up does take some time so please be patient. RootFS: http://www.loadsofspace.net/nitdroid/roo… Kernel: http://www.loadsofspace.net/nitdroid/zIm… N8X0 Flashing Howto For Current Build: 2GB memory card minimum is recommended due to the partitioning I have setup. With this kernel image you have to use an external SD card. N810's internal SD card won't work because the kernel image is configured to boot from the external memory card. HOW-TO: Download above files to a working folder. Load up your favourite disk partitioning tool and partition the SD card as follows. The example below is an 8GB card: primary partition 1 = 1.43gb win95 lba type (vfat) pri partition 2 = 1.86gb linux swap pri partition 3 = 1.86gb linux (ext3) pri partition 4 = 2.48gb linux (ext3) Format the above partitions as needed. Parts 3 and 4 MUST be ext 3 as kernel does not have ext2 support currently. Mount partition 3 as the root partition e.g. using mount for an SD card on /dev/sdb /dev/sdb3 /mnt Create the data folder and mount partition 4 on it, again for an SD card on /dev/sdb mkdir /mnt/data mount /dev/sdb4 /mnt/data Extract the rootfs to the root and it should place files into the correct folders. Note: you must not leave out the p flag to tar. tar xjvvpf rootfs-nitdroid-0.5.0.tar.bz2 /mnt Unmount both partitions as they are now finished with. If you haven't already grab the Nokia flasher tool tablets-dev.nokia.com restricted downloads In the terminal run the command, assuming you put flasher in same folder as zimage. ./flasher-3.0-static -f -k zImage --enable-rd-mode -R .....

el resto lo deje en el link de abajo


Mucha suerte en tu instalacion !!!!
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Osea yo no entiendo muy bien lo que alla que hacer, y posiblemente sea chamuyo ya que el loco que pregunto ni un gracias le dio por eso si alguien sabe si esto es posible por fa que me lo diga... yo me animo a hacerlo pero solo si se que no voy a terminar haciendo mierda mi celu.

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es mentira, es imposible instalar android en un n8 original. Si se puede hacer en un n8 chino, pero son malisimos.
nikhoxz +1
No se para que instalaria Android si no ganarias nada...

Comprate un Android en ese caso xD
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