[Aporte] Discografias Brutal Death Metal (320Kbps - MF)

Hola amigos les dejo este post contiene las discografias de bandas de Brutal y Technical Death Metal bastante conocidas y eso dense una vuelta saludos.

Technical Brutal Death Metal/U.S.A. (Topeka, Kansas)/[email protected] kbps

Antithesis (2008)

Technical Brutal Death Metal/U.S.A. (Topeka, Kansas)/[email protected] kbps


1. The Aftermath

2. Algorithm

3. Consuming Misery

4. Wrath Of Vishnu

5. Finite

6. The Appalling

7. Void

8. Ubiquitous

9. The Beyond Within

10. Antithesis

Embryonized (2002)

Brutal Death Metal with Technical elements/Spain (Madrid)/[email protected] kbps


01. Cerebral Torture

02. Death By Infestation Of Grubs

03. Repugnant Desire

04. Embryonized

05. The Edge Of My Perversion

06. Putrefact Agony

07. Son Of Decay

08. Cannibal Resurrection

09. Filth's Creator

Diminishing Between Worlds (2008)

Brutal Technical Death Metal/USA (Santa Cruz, California)/[email protected] kbps/


1. The Living Doorway

2. Reflection of Emotions

3. Diminishing Between Worlds

4. Dimensions Intertwine

5. The Enigmatic Form

6. A Gathering of Imaginations

7. Through Alchemy Bound Eternal

8. ...And Time Begins

9. Await the Unending

10. Essence of Creation

11. The Morpheus Oracle (Outro)

Intrauterine Cannibalism (Re-Press 2002)

Brutal Technical Death Metal/U.S.A. (Yonkers, New York)/[email protected] kbps/


01. Rotten Seed

02. Intrauterine Cannibalism

03. Intestinal Sodomy

04. Internal Corruption

05. Profitable Extinction

06. Ignorance Is Bliss

07. Your Life Is Shit

08. Oral Excrement

09. Waterlogged Corpse

10. Cerebral Tissue Extraction

11. Fried Afterbirth

12. Post Fetal Depression

13. Bag

Molesting The Decapitated (1999)

Slam Brutal Death Metal/United States Of America (Dallas, Texas)/[email protected] kbps


01. Festering Vomitous Mass

02. Postmortal Coprophagia

03. Choking On Bile

04. Molesting The Decapitated

05. Self Disembowelment

06. Fucked To Death

07. Devour The Damned

08. Shroud Of Encryption

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