Para los que deliramos con estas pesadas melodías que nos llegan hasta el cerebro. Dubstep - conocidos como uno de los excelentes generos electronicos de la música. Acompañado del Drum and Bass.

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Massive dubstep presets vol 1

Coleccion que hice con el tiempo de presets de este magnifico vst

algunos de los presets incluidos:

Bunker 8 Digital Labs Massive Patches: Club Floor Filla

Massive dubstep presets vol 1

Hot off the heels of the best selling Dirty Dubstep Massive Presets, Sigmund Droid and the entire Bunker 8 Crew have reached deep into their best patch collections to come up with 'Massive Patches: Club Floor Filla'. Not just a few patches mind you, but a whoppingly insane monstrous collection of 300 patches. This is the collection that users have been demanding from Bunker 8 over and over again. These sounds have literally been pried from Sigmund's cold dead hands.

Made to order for Pop, Dance, Electro, House and Progressive, 'Massive Patches: Club Floor Filla' serves up 300 presets of tricked out basses, super sharp synth leads, leading edge transitionals, epic leads, everything you will need to write the next electro, house, pop dance, progressive mega smash hit.

Each one of the presets has been carefully optimized. Each addition, up to 8 different macro controls have been added to each patch to insure that the patches themselves are instantly tweekable, right from Massive's front panel, your DAW or an external controller.

These patches are compatible with Massive v1.1.5 and higher.

Please note: the audio demo uses loops and drum samples which not a part of this collection. The melodic loops, basses, effects and synth lines that you hear in this demo were made with some of the patches in this collection. Obviously, we would like to have featured all 300 patches as sounds in this demo. But it either would have been the world's longest audio demo, or it would have sounded like a wall of white noise because all 300 sounds would have been playing at once.

PlugInGuru Massive Power Pack

Massive dubstep presets vol 1

John "Skippy" Lehmkuhl turns his attention to one of the most popular soft synths on the market - Native Instrument's Massive - to design 105 presets covering bass, synths, pads, bells, FX and more.

The power of Massive to create monster throbbing basslines, booming subs and insane bass wobbles is well know amongst the dubstep and D&B community. You'll find the most complete versions of wobble basses you can find anywhere along with inspiring patches that take Massive into the realms of techno, dance, electro, hip hop, chillout and much much more.

As well as the obligatory sub basses there's beautiful bells, Über-flexible bpm-synced pulsing synth patches, the warmest lush pads you've ever heard Massive produce, aggressive leads, epic unison synth patches, twisted SFX and even guitar, harp, keyboard and wind patches.

What REALLY sets a PlugInGuru Power Pack apart from any other patch library is the depth of programming skill applied to the 8 real-time performance knobs. Skippy gives YOU the steering wheel to warp these patches for unrivaled creative control in a live or studio environment! Massive is NOT sample-based so by adjusting knobs with creative names like MONSTER, Dirt, Color, Chord, Sizzle and Freak, (along with more typical OSC1 Vol, Cutoff, Reso, Attk, Decay, Release etc) thousands upon thousands of radically different patch variations are waiting to be discovered! Watch the below video to see what we're talking about!

If you're looking to see what Massive can truly sound like, then Skippy's Massive Power Pack is THE place to start.

Please note: this pack will only work with Massive version 1.3 or higher (PC or Mac).


9-Bell Programs

31-BPM Synth Programs

4-Brass Synth Programs

27-Synth Bass Programs

7-Wobble Bass Programs (totally morphable!)

7-FX Patches

2-Guitar Patches

1-Synth Harp Patch

2-Keyboard Patches

2-Organ Patches

14-Synth Lead Patches

10-Lush to EPIC Synth Pads

14-Fast Synth Patches

1-Magical Wind Patch


Filthy Patches Ultimate Filth Pack

Massive dubstep presets vol 1

Filthy Patches bring their dirtiest Massive bass, lead, wobble, Reese and pad presets exclusively to S2S. Precision-programmed and fully macro-controllable, they're the ultimate Massive accompaniment.

Designed for use in dubstep, D&B, electro and bassline productions, Ultimate Filth serves up 100 of the most insane wobblers, futuristic leads and gnarly basslines we've ever heard.

The pack comprises of 30 Dark Wobbles, 30 Sreaming Basslines, 28 Electro Leads and Reeses, plus 12 Pads and Textures.

Each of the 100 presets comes with full macro controls auto-assigned (8 macro controls per preset) so you can tweak and twist to get the perfect preset for your tracks.

This pack is compatible with Massive v1.1.4 and higher.

Please note: the audio demo uses drum samples which are NOT included in the pack. This pack contains Massive presets only.

The drums in this demo are from the new Sounds/To/Sample release called Monstrous Dubstep Breaks.

y mucho mas!!

en total 1232 archivos ksd y nmsv listos para abrir desde el vst massive

y los q no conocen mucho de esto presets se preguntaran de cuantos gigas estamos hablando?
y bueno estamos hablando de nada mas y nada menos q 2.42 mb (menos q un mp3)
bueno ahora lo importante:


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Uh es una bomba .... ahora sabes por que sos mod ? jajaja
Hey amigo los archivos .nmsv como hago para correrlos en el Massive porque solo los .ksd aparecen :s De antemano gracias por el aporte bro.... Espero tu respuesta pronto amigo!
man saves xq no abre los ksd me dice couldn`t oppen :S no se si sera la version y si es asi tendrias el link a la version mas reciente? desde ya muchas grax y +10
pide clave para descomprimir... que wachada!
hey, cuando intento abrir un archivo me aparece una legenda que dice que no se pudo abrir?
sera por la version del massive?? de ser asi quiero saber que version es la compatible, gracias }
No me funca tengo una version del 2007, alguien tiene un link para actualizarlo gratis?
3DuarD0toyA +1
super bueno viene bn variado... sube mas
como hago,para pasar los archivos ksd a massive,no me los lee :s por favorr
dubstepero +1
hay versiones del massvie q no los soporta
oye men el link esta roto

me lo puedes enviar por Mp o volverlo a subir

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