5 Converge



Define yourself as a whole new man,
render the name, otherwise you'll be forgotten
Fill the space
from a new perspective,
within the same reality.
The nations are gathering
We are one in billions,
we are one in one.

This aint a calling to arms!
This is a calling to the light.
We will see the birth of a new age,
where the consecuences of our acts
have been already judged.
We've been purified

We could seek this forever
and we won't find a greater gift
Now you remain silent to behold

We've been purified
War in progression,
death in regression.
disengage the imperfection to be sacred,
to be worthy to his eyes

Undefeatable, its light is unstopable
We are the light
we are the sun in the night
we are the new world
we are the new beggining
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