Take my hand - Ezekiel Szczerba

Ezekiel Szczerba

Ezekiel Szczerba

In my search for a real love
I have found you little butterfly
And I still cannot believe
how lucky I am to be with you tonight
I was kind of hopeless
of having another chance
It was so much loneliness for me
so much time on my own
I cannot picture myself living without you
All I want is to walk through this live having you by my side
Take my hand, let’s go somewhere else and make it our own place
In my search for a real love
I had a handful of deceptions
‘till I saw you walking by with a swing
with a swing that has not match
Day by day I waited just to see
just to see you passing by
‘cause a glimpse of your face was enough
to fix me and keep me alive

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4 comentarios

@kuruzka +2
Muy bueno Amigo, muy bueno!!
Hermosa canción amigo, si me permites creo que tu voz se apreciaría mejor si cantaras en castellano, te felicito, hermosa canción.
Hermosa, encantadora, es bellísima!
Esta sin dudas es mis preferidas de las q sacaste, hasta ahora!
@Exekiel69 +1