Música: Martín Guerrero
Letra: Martín Guerrero


The Last Trace

Days Of Quarantine


Love and hate split everywhere
All the ashes in the air
Someone plase come take my hand
Hold me while I die in pain
All the echoes still remain...

No one screams, no one cries
And my tears fall and disappear
In the still hot land
No one's born, no one dies
And my tears fall and disappear
Take away all the memories
And the silence embrace my faith
Taking hold of the last trace

It was yesterday
When I opened my eyes for the first time
It was yesterday
When I became one of them for my whole life
But it is today
I'm passing away, through all this pain
For the last time
And it is today
When all the echoes still remain
And it's all gone

Voices of millions, echoes of no one
Worthless ambitions, wasted emotions
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