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Comparing (comparacion) escrito por una chica a un amigo.


Solo quiero sus opiniones....



-An angel is not chosen, is assigned by God.
-A friend takes our hand and brings us closer to God.
-An angel has the obligation to care about you.
-A friend cares about you just for love.
-An angel helps you to avoid problems.
-A friend helps you to solve them.
-An angel sees your suffering and he can not hug you.
-A friend hugs you because he does not want to see you suffering.
-An angels sees you smile and sees your joys.
-A friend sees you smile and shares your joys.
-An angel knows when you need someone to listen you.
-A friend hears you without asking if you need someone to listen you.
-An angel is actually part of your dreams.
-A friend shares and fights for you, so your dreams become true.
-An angel is always there, does not know how to miss us.
- A friend when is not with you, not only miss you but also think about you.
-An angel is watching over when you are dreaming.
-A friend dreams with you.
-An angel applauds your success.
-A friend helps you to get the sucess.
-An angel got worried when you're wrong.
-A friend gives himself, so you can do well.
-An angel receives your prayers.
-A friend prays for you.
-An angel helps you to survive.
-A friend lives for you.
-For an angel you are a mission to fulfill.
-For a friend a treasure to defend.
-An angel is something special.
-A friend is the opportunity to meet the most beautiful things in the life: Love and friendship.
-An angel would like to be your friend.
-Unintentionally, friend is also an angel.


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comparacion entre un amigo imaginario y uno real..........
I don't understand... Please translate it