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Bueno. No sé.. un día que estaba medio bajon me salió esto.
Quiero compartirlo

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FELIZ 2011

Hear the silence and let it enfold you.
I hope you can see now that I love you.
I don't expect a Valentine's day.
But I wish my life turns a bit less gray.

All I've ever needed was you.
But all I've ever found was not enough to prove.
Some facts.
Some marked cards.
The meaning of dreams in fact.

Lost but alive I'm waiting for you to come.
I have no home no time and my name is none.
Rain above and lights below, with a desire to lose it all.

Gaining speed but losing path.
Crawling down my skin, my soul and my heart.
Empityness and loneliness.
We don't cherish each other.
but you love me and I love you.
every thing we do and everytime we lie.
We will never reach the sky.
but we put up with the only complishment that fly's.

We don't care anymore.
But we're still togeter.
We get strong.
But still don't know what's going on.
Like memories in a blur.
The space we made got filled with a hum.
We can see our promises floting all around.
But black smoke is inside our lungs.

Wish I knew the way to treat you.
Wish I had enough to give you.
But this is not me.
And that's not you.
We hide in sorrow.
Waiting for the end.
Sinkin slowly.
I ask you if you love me.
And you say yes.
And I need no more.
To feel my soul.
In me again.
Falling as rain.
Cleaning all pain.

So believe me when I say.
There's no future after our togeter's time.

Espero que a alguien le guste

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