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An aproach betwen cience and poeltry.


Borges, an aproach betwen cience and poeltry.

Pondering, trying to kill the hours of an involuntary and unsuccessful exile, I found that the Spanish journal El Mundo would launch a collection of the best one hundred books written in the Spanish language, together with the Sunday edition of the newspaper.
Among the few Argentinian writers selected were Borges, Cortázar and I do not really remember if it included Sábato, too.
Since my highschool times I had not read Borges, so, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get myself distracted and meet again with the fantastic (fantasy?) literature again through this genius, especially because it was a re-issue of the marvelous and enigmatic Ficciones, that has, among other stories “el jardin de senderos que se bifurcan”, which ghosts had stayed wondering about on my head for years, without a really good reason, just the hint that there was a specific intention hidden to my understanding yet to be discovered....Read more

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