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Veron: "Until December and then we'll see"


Veron: "Until December and then we'll see"

Veron, like Milito, dismissed rumors of an early departure from the coach and said that new year to define their situation. He also praised Tevez and spoke about the departure of Vera: "He has to take charge of their decision."

Gabriel Milito had seen to dispel rumors of a possible rapprochement with the U 20 and Juan Sebastian Veron, on the same page, he overthrew those versions. Click president explained that the coach will continue until year-end and then shuffle and deal again ". We started a new process Milito has a contract until December and then we'll see who wants to race."


The Witch, in dialogue with the Oral Deportiva, was hurt by the departure of Vera, but said no grudges: "With Vera had no quarrel definitely made his decision and has to take care of that.". He also defended the austere transfer market Pincha "Reinforcements always create illusion Try to keep the economy stable Chances are that we remain without additions..".

On the other hand, Veron praised the return of Tevez, who was compared to its return to Students: "He chose his return he is an extraordinary player and people will enjoy it returned in an incredible stage and Boca players should learn from.. their experience. "

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@arabian_disco +4
Hey Milito watch your back! Be careful of the witch Veron, he said one thing but he probably is thinking another shit, he's a traitor!
milito will be the champion of the argentinian tournament the next year so sir jhon should renovate his contract right now
@RobertoLince2 +1
Buena info te dejo +1 y unos lentes oscuros para el cíclopeVeron!