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Entrevista: Lizzy DeVine (ex Vains of Jenna) (ingles) 2006


Entrevista: Lizzy DeVine (ex Vains of Jenna) (ingles) 2006

How old were you when you first heard a rock song, if you remember?
Since I was born I was raised with rock n’ roll. My father is a huge Rolling Stones fan. But as far as I can remember. When I was four I was dancing around in my parents bedroom, singin’ along to Twisted Sisters “We’re not gonna take it!”.

I asked the same question to Dave Lepard, is clothes and nice names
important to become a rock star?

If you wanna become a rockstar you can’t look like your fuckin’ nabour… Noone wants to see a guy a the stage that looks like a fuckin’ looser. I’ve got my name (Lizzy DeVine) tattooed on my arm. So yes It’s important.

Inspiration in life, like some-one you know

Inspiration? Yeah.. Noone that I know. But I’ve always thought that Nikk Sixx is the ultimate rockstar.

Name 3 singer that you love
Josh Todd (Buckcherry)
Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)
Seb. Bach (Skid Row)

How did you guys come up with Vains of Jenna?
If ya meen the band name? Just a cool name. Vains is a re-spelling of Veins. People always thinks of porn star Jenna Jameson and thats cool. If you meen how we met? JP White our bass player moved back to our hometown from Stockholm and made some phone calls.. We all rehearsed. And it all clicked. Never been in a better band. Never had so much fun. Great guys everybody in the band.

If you would pick a band, any kind, what band would do an
opening for Vains of Jenna on a future tour?

Aerosmith. But we would be the opening act. They fuckin’ rule the rock n’ roll scene.

Name a band that deserves a nice big hug, and a band that deserves a hard punch in the face

A nice big hug: Velvet Revolver. For makin’ great music and not being a new Guns N Roses. New style that kicks ass.
Hard punch in the face: NEW Guns N Roses. Axl is fuckin’ wasted these days. He needs to get his shit together. You can’t be an asshole if ya wanna survive in this game.

The best band and song ever

Best song: Without a doubt – “Mr. Brownstone”
Best band: Buckcherry

One more thing, what would you like to say to all the kids out there that is dreaming of becoming a rock star
Don’t listen to anybody else but your own heart. Do the things you love and care for. If you don’t like the band you’re in. quit it.. And get some cool people together that share the same dreams. It’s the only way. If people tell you that you suck. HIT ‘em hard in the fuckin’ face. (with your music that is). It takes years and years to become good at what you do. Don’t ever quit.

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