Electric Wizard - Black Butterfly

Electric Wizard - Black Butterfly

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jr44WrnovZ0

Electric Wizard - Black Butterfly
Electric Wizard es una banda de stoner metal y doom metal de Dorset, Inglaterra formada en 1993.
Banda: Electric Wizard
Disco: Electric Wizard
Tema: Black Butterfly
Genero: Stoner Doom
Año: 1995


Terror above, beautiful as the night
Black butterfly in full flight
Traveling through the void of space
To this long forgotten place

Druids gather at the circle of stones
To worship the ancient ones
In the glow of the dying red sun
Their rites of evil have only just begun

Evil monks fall to their knees
Black colossus, they must not see
Crystal shards drop from inside
Filling circles in their minds

Thirteen maidens awaiting sacrifice
Screaming, naked, they will slowly die
Blood has mingled with crystal drips ice(?)
Open caverns of eternal midnight

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