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Yo soy tu chica Harley :)


Yo soy tu chica Harley

Interpretada por Madelynn Rae

Escrito y producido por Sean Schoenke

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fp_E1ykcMX4

"Yo soy tu chica Harley" Letra

Easy, cruising the open road
Kick back, relax, rolling the mother load,

Boy Toys, made in the USA
Steel wheel, deal, me in I'm here to play

La de da de, La de da de, La de da dee
La de da de, La de da de, La de da dey

When you want leather hide
For a knee dragging bitchin' ride
Then I'm your Harley Girl

I like to skip rope and double-dutch
You know, shift gears and pop the clutch
Cause, I'm a Harley Girl

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Snake eyes, rolling to live or die
Red tail, lights, escaping in the night

Grey Ghost, silent from white to black
Nice try, Jack, the Joker's laughing back
At you, yeah you

Just like Bonnie and Clyde
I'll shot gun by your side
Cause I'm your Harley Girl


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