Bueno amigos de taringa ESTE ES MI PRIMERA POST para los nostalgicosy amantes de estos dibujos animados q tanto nos hicieron reir con su humor un tanto distinto.Estos creo q son casi todos los capitulos en total son 88 , la mayor cantidad q encontraran.
estan en bastante buena calidad tanto de audio como de imagen
La vida moderna de rocko (Rocko's Modern Life)88 capitulos

Idioma: Español Latino
Subtitulos: N/D
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calidad : muy buena
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Aqui les van :
"No Pain, No Gain
Who Gives a Buck"
Leap Frogs"
"Jet Scream
Dirty Dog"
"Keeping Up With the Bigheads
Skid Marks"
"Power Trip
To Heck and Back"
The Good, The Bad, and The Wallaby
Popcorn Pandemonium"
"A Sucker for the Suck-O-Matic
"Carnival Knowledge
Sand in Your Navel"
"Cabin Fever
Rinse and Spit"
"Rocko's Happy Sack
"Who's For Dinner
Love Spanked"
"Clean Lovin'
Unbalanced Load"
"I Have No Son"
"Pipe Dreams
Tickled Pinky"
"The Lounge Singer
She's the Toad"
"Down the Hatch
Road Rash"
"Boob Tubed
Commuted Sentence"
"Rocko's Modern Christmas"
"Hut Sut Raw
Kiss Me I'm Foreign"
"Cruisin" 22 "Born to Spawn
Uniform Behavior"
"Hair Licked
Gutter Balls"
"Junk Junkies
Day of the Flecko"
Frog's Best Friend"
"Short history
Eyes Capades"
"Bye, Bye Birdie
Belch of Destiny"
"The Emperor's New Joe
"Sugar Frosted Frights
Ed is Dead"
Camera Shy"
"Nothing to Sneeze At
Old Fogey Froggy"
"Manic Mechanic
Rocko's Happy Vermin"
"I See London, I See France
"Fortune Cookie
Dear John"
"Speaking Terms
Tooth and Nail"
"Wacky Delly Part 1"
"Wacky Delly Part 2"
"The Big Question
The Big Answer"
"An Elk for Heffer
Scrubbin' Down Under"
Fatal Contraption"
"With Friends Like These
Sailing the 7 Zzz's"
From Here to Maternity"
"Ed Good, Rocko Bad
Teed Off"
"Wimp on the Barbie
Yarn Benders"
"Mama's Boy
Feisty Geist"
Magic Meatball"
"Closet Clown
Seat to Stardom"
"The High Five of Doom
Fly Burgers"
"Heff in a Handbasket
Wallaby on Wheels"
Rug Birds"
"Hypno-Puppy Luv
Driving Mrs. Wolfe"
"Put to Pasture
Future Schlock"
"Turkey Time
Floundering Fathers"

Solo los nombres de los capitulos estan en ingles pero la serie esta en español latino.
comenten y agradescan amigos taringueros ya q se trata de mi primera post.