hola a todos este es mi primer post que hago en mi vida entera. bueno yo me llamo light link y por ahora solamente les dejo un resumen de un libro que pocos conocen seguramente XD

se los pongo porque no se lo encuentra mucho en otras paginas, aparte se ahorran el trbajo de resumirlo.
muy bien hay va el resumen

the room 13

this story tells the story of Mr Anderson. He went to the city of Viborg to study the history of the city because he was writing a book. Then he stayed in a hotel called The Golden Lion inn and chose to stay in room number 12, in the room had three windows and also realized that there was a room number 13 and did not like. Then he went to the library to research the history of the city and began to read the story of Mr. Franck said that all the villagers hated him then returned to the hotel. When he saw that in room number 13 was talking to someone with a strange voice then was, when he reached his room he realized he needed a suitcase but it was too late to call the owner, and then began to smoke and
in the window he saw the shadow of a man and that man was in room 13, andersson saw that the man had a white robe and hat, The color of the light was red and suddenly went off and andersson went to sleep. In the morning he asked the maid where my suitcase? and she said it was next to the table and andersson said strange. Then he went to room 13 but realized it was room 14,
room 13 was not. Then he went to the library to research more. Then he asked the owner where is the room 13 and told him no room number 13 is unlucky. Then the two went to the room 12, and when they spoke suddenly heard horrible noises in room 13 and the owner said, do not worry is Mr. Jensen, and suddenly Mr. Jensen appear in room 12 and told to stop making noise. and all three were very afraid because they knew who to these noises. the three went outside and the owner went for help to break down the door. Then the door opened and would have appeared a hand with long fingernails, and mr. Jensen grabbed him but mr andersson helped him. Then the door was closed and the owner and the other men opened the door but the room was no longer
the next day brought down the wall of the room 13 and found a blood stained papers of Mr. Francken.

The Whistle

This story tells of a man named Professor Parkins, had gone to town to play golf Burston and investigate the old church. He stayed in a hotel called the globe. When he arrived he was shown his room and saw a window, outside, saw the sea and the beach. Then in the afternoon, Professor Parkins went to play golf with his friend named Colonel Wilson, he had been an officer of the army of India, and Parkins was archaeologist. After talking, Parkins went to the abandoned church and among the rocks saw a hole inside the hole found something metal, but did not know it was because it was night. Then he went to the inn but before he began to relax, and suddenly saw a shadow behind him, the shadow was on the beach and he did not know if he was a man or a woman, then ran to the inn and saw the Colonel and when he looked back the shadow had disappeared. Then the Colonel and Parkins had dinner. Then Parkins went to his bedroom and pulled the metal and was a whistle.
He is clean and hear the whistle and also horrible noises of wind, Parkins decided to lie down because he was afraid.
But woke up because he had dreamed the same shadow as before. In the morning the Colonel and Parkins had breakfast and went to play golf. When they were playing Parkins told what happened last night and the colonel told him that if he needed to call him.
In the evening Professor Parkins was in his room and saw that the window had no curtains, sheets then put in the window, then the other side of the room the professor Parkins saw that the sheets had risen, and began to approach him, Professor Parkins opened the windows and said I need help, but the ghost had caught the professor Parkins, and suddenly the Colonel appeared and helped him, but the ghost had vanished when the Colonel had arrived.
The next day at the beach Colonel told the professor Parkins the ghost that can cause harm but if you scared.

The lost crowns of Anglia

This tale tells the story of a boy and his friend Henry long. Seaburgh They went to a small town near a coast. Then they stayed in a hotel. Then they met a man named Paxton and told them that he went to a church in the city of Freston, and saw the picture three crowns, the priest of the church told him those crowns belonged to the king of anglia, and that before death the crown had disapear. The first crown is sold in secret, the second crown was never found, and Paxton said the third crown had found in the home of Mr. Ager, Mr. Ager was dead. The boy and his friend did not believe him and then went to the house of paxton to see the crown. When they were boys, paxton crown and told them the rest of the story, when Paxton had returned home, he felt that someone was following him and suddenly heard a scream and saw a book on the table said William aber and realized that the ghost of William aber was following
and the kids asked what was going to do with the crown and Paxton said he was going to return to William in the cemetery, and the boys said they were going to accompany.
Then at night the three went to the tomb of william and put the crown on the head and buried it back but Paxton was not quiet, but the boy told him not to worry, take a morning train and go.
Then in the morning the boy and his friend Henry paxton sought because it was not the hotel, then asked the porter if he saw paxton, and I said no, but told them that the tomb of William aber was opened, and then the boy and his friend Henry went to the beach and saw paxton was waving to someone, suddenly appeared a lot of fog on the beach and did not see paxton, they had great fear, and suddenly heard a horrible scream, when the fog was gone, they saw the body of paxton, the mouth was full of sand and stones and broken neck, they had also heard an evil laugh.

The message of death

This story is about a man named Dunning who owned a library and had not accepted the magic book of Mr. Karswell in your library. Then Dunning was on a tram and saw a strange message and it said Jonh Harrington died in September 1899, then turned and the message had disappeared. The next day a gentleman gave him a paper and it said Harrington, and then the man disappeared. Then Dunning went to the museum and began to read, suddenly a man throw the papers and said sorry. Then Dunning went to his house because he felt bad, then his friend Farrer told him that was Mr Karswell and Mr. Dunning was surprised.
Dunning had dinner together and then asked if he knew Mr. jonh Harrington and told him that if, John Harrington had died because he fell from a tree, so I told his brother
Then Dunning went home to sleep but could not because he had heard horrible noises and scared and decided to go to another room but could not sleep. Then in the morning he went to his room but nothing happened, but Dunning went to live in a hotel in Piccadilly. Then Dunning invited to dinner at Mr. Harrington, and Harrington said his brother died because of magic because a man named Karswell showed him a book of magic and his brother told him it was stupid and then when his brother returned from a concert found a strange paper and said he had three months of life, and told him that Dunning had also said that the book was silly, then Harrington said the paper had to find odd. Then they went to the house of Dunning and found the paper, and Harrington said this paper is to give the magician, Waited a While until They was found in a train station, then they both dressed up and managed to put the paper in his jacket then when it came to Croydon, Karswell under the train and left. The next day was in the newspaper that Mr Karswell had died in an accident

The Maze

This story says that a man named Mr. Humphreys received the inheritance from his uncle called Mr. Wilson. Humphreys then moved to his uncle's house and met the butler named Cooper who told the story of the labyrinth of his uncle Wilson, then Cooper went to get the key into the house to answer the door of the maze but Humphreys opened the door with a kick and entered the maze, then when he get through the maze to find a statue in the world, he check and left, when he was coming to the house, thinking that someone was following but it was actually Mr. Cooper . Then in the evening Mr. Humphreys decided find information about the labyrinth in his library, and found a book on the maze and started reading it before bedtime,
Then when he awoke decided to make a map of the maze and then went to the center of the maze to investigate the statue when he reach the center of the maze touched the statue of the world and saw it was hot, it was very strange, then started to rain and the Mr. Humphreys went to his house, after lunch a lady called Wardrop came to his house to see his gardens, and asked if he could go to the center of the maze, and Mr. Humphreys said yes, but was not found, and then humpheys showed him the lady his stones were the church and realized that know the secret of the labyrinth had to order the letters of the stones.
Then the next day at night began to complete the maze and the plane suddenly appeared a black spot on the map and was slowly enlarging but not a stain, was a hole, and Mr. humpheys saw a burnt face in the hole and suddenly grabbed Mr. Humpheys but he could break loose and hit his head against the wall
Then in the morning the doctor checks to Mr. Humphreys and told the butler that there will be a statue in the world, burn the trees and the labyrinth. Then the steward said to Mrs. Wardrop that inside the statue of the planet was the body of Mr. Wilson burned.

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