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6 Cuentos de ingles para pasar el tiempo

Aca les dejo 6 cuentos de ingles escritos por mi para divertirse y entretenerse. Quiero que sepan que lo hice con la mejor intención asi que espero que les guste.

1) Narrative Story_ Living Alone
2) Narrative Story_ Living Abroad
3) Narrative Story_ Friendhip
4) Narrative Story_ Health
5) Descriptive Story
6) Narrative Story_ Suspense, Terror

Narrative Strory _ Living alone
All seemed perfect. Now that I lived alone, I would have evrithing I wanted in consummate order. A long time ago, I used to live with my eldest brothers. Therefore, I have a problem with the obsesive order so I ended moving to this flat appartment.
One day, I got up from my comfortable, gorgeous sofa, and called Stephanie, my fiance. I told her I would love if she come home for dinner, politely she answered she would be here at 8 o’ clock. So, I put my best “Luigi Bosca” and prepared chicken with foiled eggs and potatoes.
As she said, she came at 8 o’ clock. We had a pleasent meal and then we agree to listen music together. My favourites where Maroon 5, and all my Cd’s were in such an order that she staced at me as if I was some kind of freak. I was incensed at the callous way she treated me. So I told her I didn’t want to see her again a nd she threw all my compact diks through the window. At that moment, I realized that all my Maroon 5’s collection was ruined away. So I got her by the neck and said her that if she don’t acquire my Cd’s at the next hour I’ll kill her. At that time, I couldn’t control myself. I went to my room, I wrote a letter to my brother, Rupert. Called the police and said that Stephanie Meyer wanted to kill me . Afterwords, I sat on the bed and blow my head with a gun. I had a a very happy life living alone, but somehow I couldn’t handle it. At the end, Stephanie went to jail although she wasn’t guilty for nothing.
“God, I’m sorry”.

Narrative Story_ Living abroad

I walked with strongless fear through the door, Ireland was totally new for me. People looked at me as if I come from another planet. Evry second I looked at ladies they looked perfect, with nagestic kindness and also very good looking.
I decided to look a place for living. So, I started through Avenue 2167 when I found a perfect place for mein front of a marvelous, colourfull park, full of benches and the most impregnable fragance of roses and pine- trees. There was the most inmense and biggest oak-tree I had ever seen in my life.
Under the oak-tree was sitted a women, with her gorgeous, big and glawing esmerald eyes, which stared at me with admiration. We interview ourselves courteously. She´s name was Elizabeth Swan, we chat for a long time and have roughtime. At last, we farewell with a kiss on our cheeks, I felt an anusual shyness. I walked to the sidewalk wondering why did I felt that way.
I wanted to discover more things about Ireland, so I went to a restaurant which Elizabeth recomended me. My hand rased and inmediately a taxi stopped. My words ordered to take me to “Chicks and Varaieties”. Elizabeth told me the place was inmmense, I wouldn´t miss it.
The man make me feel intimidate bye t¡his strange scar through his eyes. Drops of transpiration fell through my tought skin. The next thing I realized was that we had just passed the restaurant. So I murmured “Mr. We have passed the restaurant allready”. He turned, and with his ackuard voice he responded “ I know, I know”. A sense of fear came through my veins. Suddenly, I was stricked down my head pain make me faint.
All of a sudden, I woke upin a black room tide on a chair and a bandage on my eyes. An odor hearted my smelling sense. A voice, a familiar swert, kindfull sound! My hope woke up, all the fear dissapeared completely. Elizabeth was helping me to scape. She untied me swiftly and took me to a strange passage which lead to a door that exit to a field where we could scape. At that moment, I felt passion and excitement, I wanted to kiss those cherry lips, and I did.
Years passed and we married happily in France, God gave me to beautifual kids, but depression feel inside me when she died a month later after giving birth to her daughter, Sara.

Narrative Strory _ Friendship

Jimmy was a great folk. Im was really sorry he had to die. We had a nice life together and it´s the following:

For my birthday Jimmy gave me a present, a trip to go together with someone to climb the Mountain Everest. Therefore, I choose to go with him. When we where at the half way, we decided to camp there for the night. There, we slept till 5 o´clock in the morning. It really stuborn going out before 7 o´clock, when sun rises, but like this was Jimmy later. He had a map, so that we could arrive safely.
All of a sudden, something was going wrong, an avalanch had covered the way. So, I decided to invent our own way to the top of the mountain when suddenly Jimmy fainted. In a rush, I placed the tent but in a matter of seconds I realized it was to late, Jimmy had died of hypothermia. Consequently, It was my fault. My dream went down and in a coupple of minutes I started arguing how on earth I would say to Jimmy´s family that his gone. I couldn´t, so I decided to be a good man and stayed with him.
In 2023 a newspaper anounced the discover of two adolescents dead at the top of the mountain. Scientists discover that one of the guys died on the 4 of april 1994. A statue was finally situated in honor of these two people and evry fourth of april in forward, it was celebrated as the day of camping.

Narrative Story- Health

I was a very joyful man. My life was pleasant. A beautiful wife was the best. I had two gorgeous dogs: Lara and Jessica. All was in perfect conditions.
One day, Sarah, my wife and I were going to have a boy. All around me was perfect when finally we discovered that the baby had high pulse reason strange. I mussed happiness when they told me this..
Sarah was a good, extreamely good mother. Gorgeous. Her eyes were black and gold was her curly shaped hair, her nose was perfect and her lips where as red as a cherry. Five months later, they called me to the job saying she had the baby at the Austral hospital. In a rush, I turn on the car and flew to the hospital. When I arrived, the man which was operating the situation told me “I´m Sorry”. I felt a low and dejected and at the same time procupied. So I asked him “Can you tell me what happened please?”. He looked downwords, there, I realized that something was really wretched. He answered me with a trembled voice “Both Sarah and the baby are dead, I am really sorry about it”.
Nothing, Nothing could be worse. All my life was ruined now I only have the dogs. When I knew this I jumped from one of the windows of the hospital.
One day I woke up, when suddenly a nurse saw me and couldn´t believe her eyes. Afterwords I noticed that I passed ten years in extensive coma. I asked for my dogs and they told me they were safe along with my anckle. Finally, I decided not to be a fulish and I tried to forget the past and to begin a new life.

Descriptive story

Once I went to Misiones along with my mother, we went horse riding. She took me to the most comely place I´d ever seen. It was a huge olive green forest with all kind of native trees. The adorable and sweet smelling woods, you could notice the impregnable stream noice of the wind moving the branches. There were attractive stones and pebbles burried in the ground or placed in the soil along with other rocks. The environment was prominent and the jade green leafs were very peculiar.
Evrithing was very pleasant, it was a paradise. I felt so miserable compared with such beautifulness. The little passage between wild flowers seemed fairy powder. This place could be only imagined in fantasy dreams. All of a sudden, we glimpse a bluish green butterfly at the top of an oak-tree. We felt in love with this place. There was a huge tree with different sort of flowers. Some where pale yellow others were purplish red and they release a remarcable fragance. It´s God magic, humans could never done such things!.
On the right, there was an entrance to a wild passage with all precious rocks on our feet were we decided to camp. Beneath, the stars shinning as the largest light in the world and the moon was as round as a cheese. The sun appeared once again and it iluminated us all the passage from where we were coming. The sound of the birds were a sort of melody. Finally, we returned to the cottage where my father and sister where resting.

Narrative _Suspense

We drove up to the local beach, me and my boyfriend Roy Manson. He stopped his 2003 Night Blue Lexus convertible then Roy and I stepped out. We gently closed the car doors in unison and Roy grabbed the cooler from the truck before we slowly walked down to the beach. I smiled at Roy this was our 7th date so far.
We sat down close to the tide and gazed up at the thousands of stars in the night sky. There weren’t any buildings around here so nothing prevented us from really enjoying the beautiful night sky, and each others company. He was very handsome and gorgeous, I was really afortunated. Roy got out two bottles of beer from the cooler. He cracked both of them open before handing me one.

"You know Roy, This is so romantic!" I said and took a drink of beer. I looked at Roy’s eyes glittering in the moonlight.

"Only the best for you." Roy smiled, "You’re nothing like my old girlfriend. She was always grumpy and demanding and snapped for no reason. She was a killer on my patience. But I handled it." Roy chugged down half his beer.

"Wait wasn’t she murdered? It was in the newspaper a few weeks ago wasn’t it?" I looked at Roy I hoped it wasn’t too emotional for him to remember. I took quite drinks at my beer waiting for him to say something.

"Yeah it’s a shame." Roy finally said with a sigh, "She was annoying but she didn’t deserve that. I hear she was beaten to death, and the police say that by the looks of things it was done by someone she knew. They never did find the killer though"

Now I was a bit creeped out myself. I cuddled a bit closer to Roy. With him here with me it was a lot more comforting. He looked at me with a comforting look and we both finished our beers.
The wind then picked up. Roy and I had left our jackets back in the Lexus. I told Roy that I’d go get them. He nodded saying that he’s a bit cold too. I got up and trekked back over to the Lexus thinking about Roy and how cute he is. He was a great boyfriend. I reached for our coats when a beer bottle smashed into my skull. I fell on the ground and bled to death.

"You’re annoying too. You talk too much!" was the last thing I heard.

The police arrived about an hour later. They looked around for evidence. All they found was the beer bottle with my blood on it and the Lexus still parked there, apparently all the information relating to the owner, including picture id was forged. They questioned Roy but he claims he broke up with me for weeks now.
Roy was at my funeral. He saw me in my casket and get put in the ground. He spoke a few words of grief to my parent. When the funeral was over he drove off in his new fire red Mustang and a new girl in the passenger seat.

Bueno gente eso es todo, espero que les haya gustado.
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