Frases del joker (ingles) the Dark Night

Las mejores frases y citas dichas por el joker en the dark night

1- I believe whatever doesn't kill you
simply makes you... stranger.

2- If you're good at something,
never do it for free.

3- You wanna know how I got these scars?
My father was a drinker and a fiend.
And one night,
he goes off crazier than usual.
Mommy gets the kitchen knife
to defend herself.
He doesn't like that...
...not one bit.
So, me watching...
...he takes the knife to her,
laughing while he does it.
He turns to me and he says:
"Why so serious?"
He comes at me with the knife.
"Why so serious?"
He sticks the blade in my mouth.
"Let's put a smile on that face."
Why so serious?

4- I'm a man of my word.

5- Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen.
We are tonight's entertainment.

6- You look nervous. Is it the scars?
You wanna know how I got them?
Come here. Hey.
Look at me.
So I had a wife.
She was beautiful, like you...
...who tells me I worry too much...
...who tells me I ought to smile more...
...who gambles and gets in deep
with the sharks. Hey.
One day they carve her face.
And we have no money for surgeries.
She can't take it.
I just wanna see her smile again. Hm?
I just want her to know
that I don't care about the scars.
...I stick a razor in my mouth
and do this... myself.
And you know what?
She can't stand the sight of me.
She leaves.
Now I see the funny side.
Now I'm always smiling.

7- To them, you're just a freak me.
They need you right now...
but when they don't...
they'll cast you out like a leper.

8- Why don't we
cut you up into little pieces
...and feed you to your pooches? Hm?
And then we'll see how loyal
a hungry dog really is.

9- Do I really look like a guy with a plan?
You know what I am?
I'm a dog chasing cars.
I wouldn't know what to do with one
if I caught it.
You know? I just do things.

10- ...and everything becomes chaos.
I'm an agent of chaos.

11- See, madness, as you know... like gravity.
All it takes is a little push.