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Here’s a short resume you might be interested on checking:
I was born in Córdoba city in 1975, and moved to Buenos Aires shortly after. I started young my artistic formation by attending to the E. Vieira Applied Arts Institute and the studios of master painters such as Nicolás Menza and Orest Paseka, as well as the Estímulo de Bellas Artes Artes Association.
Here’s a list of some of the contests, and solo and group exhibitions I participated in:
® 2001 Mosto & Rojas Art
® 2002/3 Amigos de Cortázar Association
® 2003 La Dama de Bollini Art Gallery
® 2002/3/04 San Martin Cultural Center
® 2004/05/06 Fine Arts Academy
® 2003/4/05 Aerolíneas Argentinas Art Space
® 2004/05 OSDE Foundation
® 2004/05 Sacred Art Exhibition
® 2004/05 Salón Manuel Belgrano
® 2004/05/06/7/8 El Circulo Art Gallery
® 2004/05 Dante Alighieri Foudation
® 2005/6 Indigo Art Gallery
® 2007 Banco Ciudad Foundation

As additional information, you can also check some videos of my exhibitions in

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Muy bueno pero por lo menos podias poner algo de info :0