Sister Loolomie - Signals [2009]

Sister Loolomie - Signals [2009]

Sister Loolomie is the project by one of Russian electronic underground representatives, musician Sergey . In album Signals he creates big, voluminous pools of electronic ambient with changing deepness - at the beginning of the next of 5 tracks we are deepened up to knees, up to the end developed by him audio substance drags you away totally. Ambient, drone, reverberation - this is a common set of scene fans, general misty atmosphere and mood of deep penetration into dense mental layers. Modest, simple melodies develop emotional side of the record giving shape to the stripes of audio design. Quite habitual for style, destructive bitcrush went over the sound, accurately like with a brush, making the texture of sound surface brighter and rougher, adding to extensive compositions aesthetics of digital noise effects. Breaking, scratching and mixing of sounds layers is a very fascinating business. That's extremely well when you manage to do it the way when not only the author of music likes it, but also a small group of people who are ready to buy very limited edition of CDr with album which came out. I think that each person of them will find in signals of Sister Loolomie his own warm, cozy cosmos and will be maybe not surprised but fully satisfied with pleasant home music.


Artista: Sister Loolomie
Álbum: Signals
Año: 2009
Estilos: Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Warm Drone
País: Rusia

1. No Final Decision Here [13:53]
2. About Corpuscles [10:07]
3. Prelude And Part About Pink Dream [11:04]
4. Sleep Before The Alarm [6:00]
5. Light And Cold [7:50]

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