the customer said that there is only the window of left front door can been controlled, but the others run well.

1. i connet the car with our professional ecu scan tool of obd 2----- to the car's interface.

2. found the fault code about the window controll, said that is the front-left window fault.

3. So, after auto diagnostics, i removed the swith directly and opened it. what i found? that is, there are several contacts had corroded.

4. cleaned them

5. loaded retest on the vehicle, but the result is the l-f door still not good.

6. re-open the swith, found, the lines fun.

7. so, i replaced the swith directly, without any set up. and the window features run well again.

8. for professional work, i connect the car with our ecu diagnostic tool again, and check, erasing the DTCs.

so, i will said, when we repair a car, we would better use a obd2 scan tool to check the problem. it will be our best assistant.

NOTE:I have many weaknesses in the maintenance ecu, so, there may be some incorrect analysis. And if you find that something wrong in my repair cases, kindly please point it out, and criticism. Many Thanks.

more about obd2 tool in wiki en OBD-II PIDs