At First,i’d like to thanks for sent me this sample for reviewing, without them,i can’t complete this review!Second,i have to say this review may not so professional because i am not a review expert,it is more like a R4i gold user guide or user instruction, i will try my best to make it more specific and provide more details about this card. Hope this review can bring you some help if you plan to get a 3DS card for your Nintendo DS/DSi/3DS.ok,let’s get it started.

R4i gold introduction and background and Conclusion

In the beginning ,let’s talk sth about team and its two items —-R4i gold & R4i gold 3DS.

These two cards cards are released by team. Their official site is They are running Wood R4 kernel or R4i official firmware.Until now (April 21th 2011),the latest wood kernel is Wood R4 kernel V1.28 and official kernel is R4i V1.51b,i will use wood R4 kernel firmware in this review.After you get this flashcard, you can download and use either of them.Personally,i suggest you use the Wood r4 kernel,because it updates more frequently and gives you better game can always find the latest Wood R4 kernel in the official site, so just download and use it when the new version comes out,very easy.R4 3DS
R4i gold 3ds flashcard for DS/DSi/3DS review