Patrón de Top de Crochet para Muñeca Blythe
~Ch 48

Row 1: Ch1, sc around

Row 2: Ch1, sc in 2sts, *3sc in next st, sc in next 5 sts. repeat from* around, ending in 3 sc in next st, sc in last 3 sts.

Row 3: Ch1, sc around

Row 4: Ch1, 2 sc in 6 sts, skip 15, 2 sc in 14 sts, skip 15, 2sc in 8 sts. on last sc join with a slipstich. This will leave will leave a place to put your snap later.

Row 5: Ch 3, skip 1, sc, *ch 2, skip 1, sc. Repeat from* around.

Row 6-completion: Ch3, sc in middle of loop from last round, ch 2, sc in next loop. continue until you reach the length you want for the top.