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3 chicas tu les dices que hacer y lo hacen para vos

3 chicas tu les dices que hacer y lo hacen para vos


empiezen con algo suave : kiss


Angel- Purple outfit (Jenna)
Arm - Arm Wrestle (Ali Vs Katrina)
Ass- Jiggle Arses

Ball- Girls play with ball
Bend- Drops keys (Jenna)
Bitch- Girls pant like dogs
Boobs- Removes T Shirt (Ali)
Boot- opens boot
Bra- Removes t shirt (Karina)
Breast- Removes T Shirt (Jenna) others rub breasts

Car- Beat up Car
Clean- Girls wash car in black bikinis
Cheeky- Cream Bikini (Jenna)
Cleavage- girls show more cleavage

Dance- Disco lighting girls dance
Dolly- Girls take little steps across screen
Drink- Vision becomes blurred girls act drunk
Drive- Girls climb in backseat

Fall- Jenna falls over
Fight- Girls fight over Jenna

Girly- Group Hug
Groom- Girls change outfits rub Alis legs

Head- Girls eat bananas
Hello- Girls wave

Jiggle- Girls jiggle
Joke- Jenna Wedgies others
Jump- Girls Jump

Kiss- Jenna applies lipstick, Girls kiss Jenna

Laugh- Girls point and laugh
Legs- Jenna washes car, others wash Jennas legs
Lick- Girls lick fingers
Limbo- guys come in with limbo pole girls limbo under it
Lips- Girls pout

Monty- See for yourself
Muscles- girls show off muscles (watch Jenna)

Naughty- Girls spank Jenna

Perv- Bloke reading magazine turns up
Play- Girls tickle Jenna
Pout- Girls port

Repair- Girls “fix” car

Sexy- Girls writhe on car
Spray- Water pistol fight
Stand- Girls stand on 1 leg
Stretch- Girls make stretching shapes
Strip - Karina in purple outfit

Time- Wet T-shirt
Tits- Removes T-Shirt (Jenna)

Wank- Girls tit rub wing mirrors
Wanton- Girls beckon
Wax- Girls clean car in purple bikinis

jajaja esta no es mi intencion de ganar puntos pero si me quieren dar gracias

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te dejo mis 10 por ser lo unico novedoso del dia
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Te tiro otra....... Fuck empiezan a cojer en el auto.. la acabo de descubrir