Taller Mecánico + Diseño

Taller Mecánico + Diseño
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Taller Mecánico + Diseño

For many of us, taking our cars to the garage can be a daunting experience. Feeling anxious and uncertain over the price and duration over jobs, use of technical jargon and the like. This may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the launch of the major rebranding programme for car care network HiQ, starting with their new concept center opening in Nottingham, UK.


The aim was to revolutionize the way fast fit car care is delivered and to develop a fresh retail concept that would set new standards in this sector. And it looks like they have come up with the goods.


Designed by the London team at Fitch, the brand has been repositioned by using simple language, illustrations, and the center itself has clever features like glass walls that allow customers to see onto the garage floor for themselves.


We have seen this uncomplicated, tell it like it is mentality popping up all over the place, especially as banks try to re-align themselves with their customers. It is now nice and refreshing to see this evolving into other touch points of consumers' lives. I wonder if this approach would make going to the dentist any better? By Brendan McKnight

Taller Mecánico + Diseño

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ya voy a tener un \"laboratorio\" como ese...
yo donde llevo el F1 hay mas grasa y una mugre barbara ... y me hacen el laburo 10 puntos igual...

no se justifica un taller mekanico con TANTO diseño y tan limpio...
Wao que groso luce¡¡¡¡Taller Mecánico + Diseño