Cada uno de los diseños viene acompañado de una pequeña descripción donde se hace mención a su creador y al nombre de su creación. En la página del autor también podrán ver más diseños. 1. Whispers bird by carbine from CP 50 Modelos de Estampados para Camisetas 2. Ready for a KILL. by Ingkong from Phils. 50 3. Raven by carbine from CP de 4. Colorblind by Matheus Lopes modelos 5. The 5 Great Sages of Misty Pillars Cave by Daniel Abensour remeras 6. Face by olivier fritsch gomez ara 7. The Blind Conscience by Kimberley Kermode estampados p 8. Gods_Of_Arena by Studio8Worx from Philippines-Hong Kong camisetas (polos 9. Zombie at Tiffany's by Marion Cromb playeras) 10. Color In The Dark by Sebastien Cuypers 50 Modelos de Estampados para Camisetas 11. House Brawl by Alex Solis and Alice X. Zhang 50 12.  Tyger Tyger, Burning Bright by Ian Leino de 13. Blue Fish by ~Rockfield modelos 14.  Von Zipper T-Shirt Designs by ~p-h-o-e-n-y-x remeras 15. T-Shirt Design Fosters 01 by =RobDuenas ara 16. Misathropic Triumph by ~MOONRINGDESIGN estampados p 17. Carbonated Water T-shirt by ~Angelmaker666 camisetas (polos 18. Life + Death by nicebleed from cebu philippines playeras) 19. T-shirt design 7 by ~white-hart 50 Modelos de Estampados para Camisetas 20. New Continents by BeadlerWorks from Philadelphia 50 21.Explosions in the Sky by collisiontheory from manila philippines de 22. Midnight Showdown by muttley from Cebu, Philippines modelos 23. To Hell & Back by mrdavenport from Raleigh, NC remeras 24. The Wisdom by Hydro74 from Orlando ara 25. Immerse Yourself by kase from Ohio estampados p 26. Rabbits attack BW T-shirt by ~LovelyMonsterDesign camisetas (polos 27. Ninja Escape by doylesee from Philippines playeras) 28. Brain Overload!!! by choppre from USA 50 Modelos de Estampados para Camisetas 29. Decay (We're all made of stars) by ecsu from Brazil 50 30. NEON BEAST X IAMDOOOM by neonbeast from Orlando, FL de 31. See It Through by Fernanda Correa modelos 32. The Visitor by Alice X. Zhang and Melanie Herring remeras 33.  Sorry, Babe… Issue 3, Vol. 2 by Matheus Lopes ara 34. Be on the Safe Side by yonil from Israel estampados p 35. Thee Woof Moon by Grace Eliza Gogarty camisetas (polos 36. Together Again by Alfonso Diaz playeras) 37. Don't Care Bears by Alex Solis 50 Modelos de Estampados para Camisetas 38. Bountiful Catch by William Chua 50 39. Training For Utopia by Ken Marshall de 40. The Siren Song by sirensong from Philippines + India modelos 41. Wonderless by SheViper from Japan remeras 42. a fantastic world from a cup of tea by tolagunestro from divinópolis, minas gerais, brazil ara 43. Crowned Crow by tobiasfonseca from São Francisco de Paula, Brasil estampados p 44. To The Sky by Yeoh Guan Hong camisetas (polos 45. Thunder_Bird by Studio8Worx from Philippines-Hong Kong playeras) 46. Guntree by D4N13L from a beautiful place called Bolivia 50 Modelos de Estampados para Camisetas 47. GRRRILLA T-shirt mockup by ~pop-monkey 50 48. Zen Garden 2.0 by ninthWHEEL from Austin, TX de 49. fallen industry by BeadlerWorks from Philadelphia modelos 50. Nebula! by sluis718 from West New York remeras