[megapost]league of legends wallpapers

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Akali the fist of shadow

Alistar the minotaur

Amumu the sad mummy

Anivia the cryophoenix

Annie the dark child

Ashe the frost arrow

Blitzcrank the great steam golem

Cho'gat the terror of the void

Corki the daring bombardier


Evelynn the widowmaker

Ezreal the prodigal explorer

Fiddlesticks the harbinger of doom

Gangplank the saltwater scourge

Garen the might of demacia

Gragas the rabbie rouser

Heimerdinger the revered inventor

Janna the storm's fury

Jax grandmaster at arms

Karthus the deathsinger

Kassadin the void walker

Katarina the sinester blade

Kayle the judicator

Kennen the heart of the tempest

Kog'maw the mouth of the abyss

Malphite shard of the monolith

Malzahar the prophet of the void

Master yi the wuju bladesman

Mordekaiser the master of metal

Morgana fallen angel

Nasus the curator of the sands

Nidalee the bestial huntress

Nunu the yeti rider

Olaf the berserker

Pantheon the artisan of war

Poppy the iron ambassador

Rammus the armodillo

Ryze the rogue mage

Shaco the demon jester

Shen eye of twilight

Singed the mad chemist

Sion the undead champion

Sivir the battle mistress

Soraka the starchild

Taric the gem knight

Teemo the swift scout

Tristana the megling gunner

Twisted fate the card master

twitch the plague rat

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Buena pero si falta trynda le doy positivo :v
sisi buenasooo pero falta algunos personajes .. pero bnn:O