Las chicas más hot del Sci-Fi (Top 50)



dijo:ACTRESS: Megan Fox

CHARACTER: Mikaela Barnes (Transformers)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Sure, she acts more robotic than her CG screen mates, but do you see that belly? That's not the belly of any gear-head or mechanic that we've met. If it were, we'd immediately sign up for the nearest demolition derby. So what if the role is bogus; the chick is hot (even though she most likely won't make it to Transformers 2).




dijo:ACTRESS: Sigourney Weaver

CHARACTER: Ellen Ripley (Alien)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Yes, we realize we just put Sigourney Weaver on a short list of hot sci-fi women, but let's put it all in perspective: her role begat the female action hero; she fought and won against a perfect organism AND a killer android (perfect human?); and she strips down to her panties by the end of the film; oh, and she saved her cat! You know which reason we think is the most important.

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dijo:ACTRESS: Jeri Ryan

CHARACTER: Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One (Star Trek: Voyager)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Oh, Seven of Nine, how you vex us. That silver cat suit plagues our dreams. We love our Girls of Star Trek, but we don't love all our Star Trek shows equally. Despite the blemish of Star Trek: Voyager, Seven of Nine's cyborg sexiness helped cement her as one of the most recognizable female characters from the franchise in recent history. Unless you count the Borg Queen, and we don't because she's only half a woman.

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dijo:ACTRESS: Scarlett Johansson

CHARACTER: Jordan Two-Delta (The Island)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Um, it's Scarlett Johansson. She could play a toxic waste-infected mutant in Robocop and still be unbelievably sexy. We don't really remember much about The Island, except that she was in it -- we even had to IMDB her character name. But the one bit of trivia we do remember is how she wanted to go topless in the movie and Michael Bay stopped her. MICHAEL BAY STOPPED HER??




dijo:ACTRESS: Kelly LeBrock

CHARACTER: Lisa (Weird Science)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: She's the ultimate '80s woman, hacked together from the best that the decade had to offer:a mix of nuclear missiles and David Lee Roth. We can't get the image of her in those low-cut panties out of our head, plus this virtual girl is into chips, dips, chains and whips, which is exactly what we're into too! Particularly UTZ Crab Chips, but who's asking. Besides, if she wasn't on the list, she'd give us elephant balls.

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dijo:ACTRESS: Virginia Hey

CHARACTER: Warrior Woman (The Road Warrior)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: We hope that after the cities have crumbled, we run into someone like Warrior Woman in the wasteland. Only Kathy Ireland has worn shoulder pads more sexyily, but she never sported a crossbow with this kind of style. We realize the Warrior Woman is an isolated fantasy, but for us, there's something about a girl that can kick our ass that makes her all the more hot. Regardless, from this series, we like to remember her more than Tina Turner (shudder!).

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dijo:ACTRESS: Megumi Hayashibara or Wendee Lee (voice only)

CHARACTER: Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Bounty hunters are damn sexy; if we thought Zuckuss was female, he'd be on here. Now take that and layer in an anime treatment, and we're starting to drool. Of course, what makes Faye oh so hot to us is less her drawn curves (though, it works -- trust us, it works!) and more her aggressive attitude. She's strong in all the right ways, and she's not just a stereotypical anime chick. We pray they realize her right whenever the inevitable live action movie comes out.




dijo:ACTRESS: Xenia Seeberg

CHARACTER: Xev Bellringer (Lexx)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Where do we start? Besides Xenia being hot with the sexiest pair of lips this side of Angelina Jolie, her character, Xev, is essentially engineered to be one horny little love slave. We can imagine worse fates than being stuck on a starship with this lady, except for when she turns into a lizard. That's just creepy!

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dijo:ACTRESS: Amy Allen

CHARACTER: Aayla Secura (Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: She's the hottest Twi'lek in the galaxy! She's blue!! She's a Jedi!!! Sure, she buys it in the back in the jungles of Felucia after Order 66, but we bet she made a fine lookin' corpse, and certainly one that was a whole lot nicer than Aunt Beru's. Besides, how frickin' cool would it be to bed a Jedi? A BLUE Jedi!?

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dijo:ACTRESS: Kristanna Loken

CHARACTER: Terminatrix (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Mimetic polyalloy. Seriously though, while we're fine with the base model, what's hotter than a hot chick that can turn into anything she wants? Okay, so maybe the plasma cannon sounds like a deal breaker, but she can contort herself into many unrealistic positions so that's a plus, right? We're so glad the chick from Leprechaun 2 became one of our favorite cybernetic baddies.




dijo:ACTRESS: Dorothy Stratten

CHARACTER: Galaxina (Galaxina)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Galaxina is a galactic tease, starring Playmate Dorothy Stratten, who was under contract with Playboy to not show any skin outside of their dead tree scrolls. So all we get is spandex (gloriously tight spandex) and tons of naughty poses. For today's pervert who rents the Brown Bunny for kicks or surfs the inter-tubes for boobs, we're sure this does little, but back in the days of Skinemax, Galaxina was a godsend. Also, the movie is quite funny (although we could be confusing it with Dark Star - we always get those two mixed up.)

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dijo:ACTRESS: Radha Mitchell

CHARACTER: Carolyn Fry (Pitch Black)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: On a planet with three suns, you can count on one thing: a lot of boob sweat. But honestly, we weren't ogling sexy Radha Mitchell's stoic Carolyn Fry for her body alone. If have you seen her character in action, she's one tough cookie. Before Pitch Black even gets rolling, she's inches away from offing a handful of passengers in a tense spaceship landing. A girl willing to kill us dead to save her own skin? That's a babe after our own heart. She's the closest thing to a next-gen Ripley that we've seen so far, but SPOILER ALERT, she buys it in the end so unless a warped cloning experiment re-introduces her, she's one for the history books.

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dijo:ACTRESS: Jolene Blalock

CHARACTER: T'Pol (Star Trek: Enterprise)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Alien chicks are always the sweetest, but we worry a little about dating a Vulcan. Pon farr sounds hot and all, but we're not sure we could wait another seven years before a lass like T'Pol wanted to explore her biological urges again. Jolene Blalock's Vulcan portrayal helped keep Star Trek: Enterprise in the limelight (and yes, we liked this infinitely better than Voyager, so there!), but it was her time spent in decontamination rooms and applying "neuropressure" to colleagues that re-ignited our warp engines.




dijo:ACTRESS: Erin Gray

CHARACTER: Colonel Wilma Deering (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: We love a woman in uniform, especially when it's a one piece jumpsuit. Couple that with a giant white helmet that looks like it's protecting her hair more than her head, and we're in love. Sure, Wilma Deering may have been a little uptight at first blush, but when Erin Gray lets her hair down, she makes us ready to enlist. Also, she was one of the first hotties that didn't run around crying for Buck to save her every other second. In fact, more often than not, she was the one doing the saving. That's the kind of heroine we like -- one that can take care of herself!

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dijo:ACTRESS: Daryl Hannah

CHARACTER: Pris (Blade Runner)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: New wave punk outfits and gymnastics! She may not be the smartest replicant in the biz, but this "pleasure model" knows a thing or two about pleasing. Her attempt to choke Harrison Ford with her legs was the sexiest snuffing we've seen. While we never get to see her fully in her element, we do see her grab a boiling egg and that can be really useful sometimes, especially when we're hungry. Daryl Hannah was an It girl way back when. With a little genetic engineering, maybe we can get our Pris back for a new millenium!

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dijo: ACTRESS: Grace Park

CHARACTER: Number Eight (Boomer/Athena) (Battlestar Galactica)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: What's better than one Sharon? How about thousands? Or better yet, an entire Basestar inhabited by thousands of naked ones! We love Number Eight in uniform, out of uniform, in a Raptor, practicing Tai Chi in the nude, twirling around in a panty dance, or caring for her half-breed baby. Wait, scratch that last one. When it comes to our favorite Number Eight character, we're baffled. Boomer was "the original", and Athena is damn cool for a defector, but being the deviants that we are, we're going for pro-Cylon models since they have a penchant for nudity.




dijo:ACTRESS: Ashley Scott

CHARACTER: Gigolo Jane (A.I.)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: The fact that we remember her after one line, and a few seconds of screen-time is a testament to her hotness. The average Gigolo Joe probably missed her completely, but the second this Mecha shared a frame with us, we were in love with this love bot. Unfortunately, there's not much more we can say about her without making something up, so do what we do and ogle the picture.

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dijo:ACTRESS: Carrie-Anne Moss

CHARACTER: Trinity (The Matrix)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Yes, she looks a lot like the kid from Grandma's Boy, but c'mon, this l33t hacker was able to take out Agents without breaking a sweat. You try doing any of that in a tight fitting costume made of Polyvinyl chloride and look hot doing it, and we'll put you on the list. Plus, we have a thing for computer nerds, and she's by far one of the sexiest computer programmers we've met.

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dijo:ACTRESS: Virginia Hey

CHARACTER: Zhaan (Farscape)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Okay, we realize this is a bit of a stretch, because she's a bit older and more dignified than the other doe-eyed honeys on this list, but we wanted to get a little spiritual here. Zhaan was damn sexy for a blue mystical priestess, and she was the most powerful plant we've ever seen. Whether she's donning a Freudian slip or meditating in the buff, Zhaan is one of our favorite tinted babes.




dijo:ACTRESS: Charlize Theron

CHARACTER: Aeon Flux (Aeon Flux: The Movie)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Let's get it out of the way: Charlize Theron is one of the hottest women on the planet. Really, we get it, and her portrayal of Aeon Flux was pretty good... for an Academy Award winner. She looks great in costume with dark hair while kicking ass, sure. But we can only imagine that if she wore the accurate bondage-esque uniform that the animated series boasted, this flick might have turned a healthy profit. And not only can we imagine it, but we do.

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dijo:ACTRESS: Rose Byrne

CHARACTER: Cassie (Sunshine)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: We'll admit that we're letting our love for Sunshine cloud our judgment a little, but there's really no denying that Rose Byrne's Cassie is pretty damn sexy in the flick. Even while she's running around from catastrophe to catastrophe, or hiding from killer immolated psychopaths, she still remains oh so hot... and you know the closer to the sun they get, the hotter it is and she looks too good with sweat on her brow! We're sad to see her go, but we were glad to have experienced her if only for a moment.

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dijo:ACTRESS: Cindy Morgan

CHARACTER: Yori (Tron)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: All those circuits! Wow, Tron may have looked amazing, but looking back at the scrumptious Cindy Morgan as Yori, and we can't begin to imagine the movie without her. She's also the first computer program in which we fell in love (Ultima III: Exodus was the second, and it all went downhill from there). Her counterpart Lora, the programmer who created her, wasn't too bad either; if she only could remove those glasses... oh wow! They're right, glasses ruin everything!!




dijo:ACTRESS: Mathilda May

CHARACTER: Space Girl (Lifeforce)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Most people have never heard of Lifeforce, much less actress Mathilda May, but it's one of the few movies we're aware of that boasts both space vampires and full-frontal nudity from one of its main characters. We guess Species is the closest, most recent (and successful) example, but back in the days of VHS, Lifeforce was all we got. And what made her hot? Well, she was running around butt-naked for the entire movie, killing people with an electrical make-out session, duh! So what if she's really a giant bat?

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dijo:ACTRESS: Amanda Tapping

CHARACTER: Samantha Carter (Stargate SG-1)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: We love hot scientists; the more Ph.Ds the better, so when the Stargate crew brought on Amanda Tapping's Samantha Carter, we were stoked. First, we had brains, LOTS of 'em, and then once comfortable with that fact, we settled back and enjoyed her cute, spunky looks. Considering she's been doing this for over 10 years now, she's got the routine down to a science, but everytime we see her, we still feel like it's love at first sight all over again.

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dijo:ACTRESS: Nichelle Nichols

CHARACTER: Uhura (Star Trek: The Original Series)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: We're not going to get swept up into the historical significance of Uhura, because quite frankly, we just want to make love to her. And to be clear, the Lieutenant Star Trek: TOS Uhura, not the Commander, though she looks good for a woman of an age we're more comfortable baking us cookies. We're aware her communications skills are excellent, so we're hoping to put her training to the test when speaking the universal language of love. Hailing frequencies are open!




dijo:ACTRESS: Sarah Michelle Gellar

CHARACTER: Krysta Now (Southland Tales)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Let's be clear: Southland Tales is an unwatchable film, but it is a science fiction one, so there's the connection. We think we turned it off a half hour or so in, but that didn't stop us from thinking that both Sarah Michelle Gellar is wicked hot (damn you, Freddie Prinze Jr!!) and that her porn/reality star character, Krysta Now, was equally wicked hot. Especially when she talks about how she likes to have sex, and what she won't do. Um, maybe we should raise her entry a few points?

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dijo:ACTRESS: Gina Torres

CHARACTER: Hel (Cleopatra 2525)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Yes, we didn't go with Cleo, even though she was a stripper, nor did we slot Gina Torres in for Firefly. We went with our gut which was Torres' role as Hel, the first time we really took notice of her as she acted tough, kicked ass and wore revealing clothing. Cleopatra 2525 wasn't a good show, don't get us wrong, but Hel was one awesome vision. Besides, Torres also sings the theme song, so it's almost a perfect confluence of hotness!

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dijo:ACTRESS: Monica Bellucci

CHARACTER: Persephone (The Matrix Reloaded)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Open your eyes, she's stunning and busty, what more do you need? Seriously though, Persephone is one of the few things we remember about The Matrix Reloaded and is the primary reason why we think the Matrix itself is really not that bad an idea. So what if robots are living off our sleeping bodies? What harm does that really have on us? Stupid Neo, ruining everything.




dijo:ACTRESS: Gillian Anderson

CHARACTER: Dana Scully (The X-Files)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Who would have thought FBI agents could be so hot? Clarice Starling you are not, darling! What made her all the hotter was that she just wouldn't believe! Skeptic to the bitter end, or at least, until a pivotal point in The X-Files series. Brains, beauty, red hair; we were so sold. If only she did kung fu, she'd be perfect. We're anxious to see her in the The X-Files: I Want To Believe and we hope to see you with us!

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dijo:ACTRESS: Lucy Lawless

CHARACTER: Number Three (D'Anna Biers) (Battlestar Galactica)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: We'll be honest, Xena scared us a little. Here's a girl that clearly would rip your pelvis out during sex, so we wouldn't have any of that. Now, the genocidal Cylon-version of Lucy Lawless in Number Three, that's something we can handle. Sexy, sophisticated and subtle, in the ways she tries to exterminate our species. Those Cylons really know how to make fake humanity; there's not an ugly lady in their entire arsenal!

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dijo:ACTRESS: Angelina Jolie

CHARACTER: Casella 'Cash' Reese (Cyborg 2)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Cyborg 2? Really? We know what you're thinking, but trust us, this is her hottest role mostly because no one knew who the heck she was way back then. But even more importantly, beyond her youth, she plays a cyborg that has a tawdry, nekkid sex scene with Casey Jones. Easily one of the greatest scenes caught on film, if you can excuse the occasional appearances of Jack Palance. Still, it's Angelina Jolie we're talking about, and she can wear an eye patch and act in front of a blue screen and still be hotter than most of Hollywood.




dijo:ACTRESS: Natalie Portman

CHARACTER: Padme Amidala (Star Wars: The New Trilogy)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: How could you not be attracted to this cute current-gen Audrey Hepburn? Even our head editor, Chris Radtke, thinks she's the bestest woman on the planet. She's as adorable as sin, has a rockin' body, and you can tell she's a naughty, naughty girl when the lights go dim (just ask Anakin!). So roll that all into the vagina that begat our numero uno, Princess Leia, and you've got one lethal amount of hotness. By the way, we don't count the first film when Queen Amidala was a child herself; we're twisted, but not THAT evil.

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dijo:ACTRESS: Summer Glau

CHARACTER: River Tam (Firefly)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Disfigured obese girls just don't make good assassins. That's why the Academy took sexy, strange Summer and turned her into a psychic psycho, capable of great mental and physical feats. We're quite positive that sexy time with her would also be a mixed bag of "best time of our lives" and "holy sh*t, we're going to die." There's something about crazy, cute girls that pushes our buttons; must have been all those years in the asylum.

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dijo:ACTRESS: Denise Richards

CHARACTER: Carmen Ibanez (Starship Troopers)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Girls who can fly big spaceships are the best girls in the world. When one also happens to be as gorgeous as Denise Richards, that's just a bonus. We covet Rico's hands as seen in this deleted clip, and we hope that when the bugs finally decide wage war against humanity, that we have pilots like Carmen Ibanez ready to take the fight back to them!




dijo:ACTRESS: Kirstie Alley

CHARACTER: Saavik (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Yes, kids, a long time ago, Kirstie Alley was actually a mega-babe. Put her in a Starfleet uniform as the half-Vulcan, half-Romulan (according to some) navigator, and we've got a real winner on our hands. For the follow-up Star Trek films, she would be replaced by a lesser being, but in our hearts, we know the true Lieutenant Saavik when we see her. So what if her eyebrows aren't angled; that's the Romulan in her!

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dijo:ACTRESS: Jane Badler

CHARACTER: Diana (V: The Original Miniseries)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: We were so confused watching this mini-series. In one minute, you have this sexy, smart human-looking babe, and in the next you have her swallowing gerbils live! Now, our adult brains smirk at something like that as that could be a lot of fun, but the kid who grew up with that is scarred for life! Still, if humanity is to be eaten, we have to hope it's by an alien as hot as Jane Badler's Diana.

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dijo:ACTRESS: Ornella Muti

CHARACTER: Princess Aura (Flash Gordon)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: We're going to say something some Star Wars fans might find offensive. We're going to say that there would be no Slave Leia love without Ornella Muti's Princess Aura. Aura wears a gold bikini well, and being the daughter of Ming has more privileges than being the Darth Vader's kin. Like being restrained by golden hands on a table while wearing red spandex while being whipped. Hmmm, we never thought of S&M as being our bag. Let's just forget that part.




dijo:ACTRESS: Milla Jovovich

CHARACTER: Leeloo (The Fifth Element)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: She can be a little annoying at times, especially with the babbling and shrieking, but what she loses on account of strangeness, she gains for being able to pull off an outfit made of gauze strips damn well. And the best part of all? Kissing her unlocks the final, fifth element, so you can just imagine what doing it opens up.

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dijo:ACTRESS: Naomi Watts

CHARACTER: Jet Girl (Tank Girl)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: We admit it, we love Naomi Watts. After Mulholland Drive, how could you not? So we had to get her on a sci-fi list, but all we had that we felt good about was her role as Jet Girl in Tank Girl. The good news is, she's one of the hottest greasemonkeys we've ever seen, and she sports glasses a lot (which gives her the geek advantage). Who would have thought it'd turn out this good? Hey, at least, we're honest!

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dijo:CHARACTER: Daena (Planet of the Apes)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Please look at the picture; she's gorgeous. And she runs around half-naked like a cave girl. And she fights talking evolved apes! Estella Warren was a knockout when we first noticed her in Driven, but it was her primitive portrayal of Daena in Planet of the Apes that made us one to remember! Yeah, we had a thing for the ape lady too (played by Helena Bonham Carter), but you can't deny the appeal of good old fashioned Earth woman!




dijo:ACTRESS: Billie Piper

CHARACTER: Rose Tyler (Doctor Who)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: She's spunky, feisty, smart, sexy and full of British wit! Plus, if she can charm a Time Lord, she can most certainly win you over. Billie Piper's Rose Tyler, in tandem with Christopher Eccleston's Doctor, made the revived Doctor Who series a success. Rose also wasn't just a damstrel in distress, waiting to be saved, but instead acted as a heroine alongside our Doctor. She's probably one of the best companions to have ever graced the series, and she's sorely missed. Though we're pleased with what Piper's up to next!

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dijo:ACTRESS: Jessica Alba

CHARACTER: Max Guevara (Dark Angel)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Considering that she was put together to be the perfect super soldier, we'd have to say EVERYTHING! Jessica Alba may be a mega-star now, albeit one with a crappy resume, but it was Max Guevara and Dark Angel that put her on the map. Alba's Max was a genetic experiment, and one we're willing to offer worked out just fine. She's highly intelligent, strong and fast, and can hack a computer or kick the asses of a biker gang. Plus, she likes cats and that's a "make or break" rule when it comes to women for us.

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dijo:ACTRESS: You!

CHARACTER: Samus Aran (Metroid Prime)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: We can still remember, after hours of leaping up bomb-hopping platforms to win the first Metroid, only to be greeted by a young woman inside our Power Suit. Dude, we were a chick all along, and a hot one! Since then, Samus has been the ultimate heroine; we'd argue more important than Tomb Raider's Lara Croft. Better yet, beat the game quick enough and you could catch her in a two-piece bikini! Later, that'd be replaced with a less skimpy but equally sexy Zero Suit, which still leaves almost "zero" to the imagination.




dijo:ACTRESS: Evangeline Lilly


WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Damn, we've never wanted to be marooned on a lethal, tropical island as much as when we first met Kate. We agree she cleans up nice in the past or future glimpses of her life, but we prefer our Evangeline Lilly dirty and/or covered in mud. It's the sweat that gives her half the charm, or maybe that's the pheromones. Either way, we'd have abandoned LOST ages ago if it was just about Michael crying out for Walt. It was the sexiness and craftiness of Miss Austen that rescued us; we wish we could return the favor.

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dijo:ACTRESS: Tricia Helfer

CHARACTER: Number Six (Battlestar Galactica)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: She may have unleashed a genocidal attack on humanity, but anyone that looks this good can be forgiven. We're not sure which version of Six we like best: Caprica, Shelly Godfrey, Gina, Natalie, dark hair, black suit, nekkid... it's like deciding which Bon Jovi song is our favorite. If we had to choose, we'd have to go with the classic red outfit and the platinum blonde hair, mostly because at the end of it all we are gentlemen, and therefore prefer blondes. P.S. We swear the numbering was a coincidence, but dang, ain't that clever?

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ACTRESS: Jane Fonda

CHARACTER: Barbarella (Barbarella)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Never has a spacesuit seemed more erotic than when it's peeled off in zero gravity by Jane Fonda. Barbarella may be a sh*tty flick, but it's super-charged with sexuality, despite it's non-explicit nature. Between nekkidness and outrageous futuristic uniforms, Jane Fonda's Barbarella is easily one of the sexiest female characters to have ever existed, and as it's still strong after 40 years (what is Jane Fonda by now, a GGILF?), expect it to live on for years to come, even if they get a remake off the ground.




dijo: ACTRESS: Terry Farrell

CHARACTER: Jadzia Dax (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Yes, there is a lot of hot space tail in Star Trek, but of all the fine ladies, Terry Farrell towers over them all, and not just because she's almost six feet tall. She's stunning, yes, but even more alluring is what seems to be the love bruises after doing it with Worf. Jadzia Dax is into the freaky rough sex? Hot damn! She has the memories, techniques and experiences of her previous hosts, which is great when you're not thinking about all the dudes and lasses that came before you. Really, don't do it. It will ruin everything.

chicas hot


forever alone


dijo: ACTRESS: Lena Headey

CHARACTER: Sarah Connor (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Let's be very clear here: We are not advocating sexy status for Linda Hamilton. She was a great Sarah Connor in the two wonderful Terminator films, but unfortunately, she's been upstaged by the awesome, amazing Lena Headey. We thought she was sexy in 300 but man, is Lena a knock-out as the tough as nails future of mankind. We envy BAG's proximity to her, the smarmy jerk.

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dijo:ACTRESS: Natasha Henstridge

CHARACTER: Sil (Species)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Okay, so you're an alien-human hybrid that wants to screw the world, and you look like Natasha Henstridge? Please come over immediately. Natasha made her debut with Species and while she's gone on to other things, including video games like other starlet Tricia Helfer, we really can't picture her without thinking of Species. And of course, when we picture it, we're thinking of her disrobing every few seconds, and not necessarily trying to remember that she banged Doc Ock.




dijo: ACTRESS: Carrie Fisher

CHARACTER: Princess Leia (Star Wars: The Original Trilogy)

WHAT MAKES HER HOT: Clearly, you saw this coming. She's the queen of sci-fi, and has saved the galaxy time after time, while sporting both a doughnut hairstyle and the legendary gold bikini. Princess Leia is the kind of gal that looks great escaping the Death Star or awarding medals to those who destroyed it. She doesn't take guff from no nerf herder, and while she may kiss her brother, she's still the tops in our book!

chicas hot

Mil disculpas pero prefiero postearlo en el idioma original a tener que usar un traductor de esos que no entendés nada cuando traducen.

Mi Top 5:

Barabarella, Ripley, Leia, Diana y Max (mis preferencias hacen notar lo pendex que soy)

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No me molestaría que me robe los planos de mi Death Star

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Las chicas más hot del Sci-Fi (Top 50)


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Inconsistencia entre la foto y la actriz de Sarah Connor.

Esta es Linda Hamilton, que actuo en The Terminator y Terminator 2: the judgement day

Mientras que en la lista dice:

ACTRESS: Lena Headey
CHARACTER: Sarah Connor (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

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Las chicas más hot del Sci-Fi (Top 50)
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No podes poner a Scully y la de Alien por arriba de Megan Fox...
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Liz Hurley "al diablo con el diablo"

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Neve Campbell en Scream

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Las chicas más hot del Sci-Fi (Top 50)

La mas linda Zooey Deschanel

lee el titulo papa! son Las chicas más hot del Sci-Fi!!! muy buena la eleccion de las 50
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lo que te habras tardado para que este post llegara hasta la estratosfera y en minutos se ira directo a la mierda
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Rodrigoww dijo:Leia primera???? EH??!!! Scully nro1 pero lejos....

que no viste esa escena con jabba de esclava
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Barabarella, Ripley, Leia, Diana y Max (mis preferencias hacen notar lo pendex que soy)

Se te cayó el documento, Rafa.

Sos un capo, ya sé a dónde van mis puntos de mañana. Natalie Portman, la mejor. Beso y abrazo.
macanba +2
todas bellisimas, pero Monica Bellucci y Scarlett johansson por lejos las mas hermosas...recomiendo..
lexluchor +1
Milla Jovovich simplemente la mejor, en categoria especial... es una diosa!
blackysalamanka +10

Delato mi edad, si habré visto esa película...
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Por lo que veo nadie se dio cuenta de que el post esta en ingles!

Volviendo al tema... le doy hasta que TavoT sea troll de nuevo!
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blackysalamanka dijo:
Delato mi edad, si habré visto esa película...

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OacNvenqZCY
APreguntar +6
Esta las hace verga a todas!

tmhd +3
Interesante selección.

¿No te parece curioso que si sacas un post sobre historia, narrativa o actualidad mundial sólo haya uno que otro comentario, pero si sacas fotos de mujeres bonitas seamos muchos más?

Saludos Rafa.
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me quedo con ella



iba a ver matrix por ella
Creo que me quedo con lucy lawless en spartacus.
Matafuego83 +2
Volví a pasar. Te dejo 10 y me llevo a la Princesa Leia.
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Nº 1: Si le vas a cambiar el nombre al post porque un gil se siente "discriminado" porque dijiste NERD en el título junto con las palabras "Sci-Fi" y "Chicas Hot", sos un flaco que solo quiso levantar puntos fáciles.

Nº 2: ¿En los TAGS hay uno que es "cosas de nerds"? Confirmo mi conjetura anterior.

Nº 3: Al menos hubieses puesto una traducción robótica del Google Traductor de cada descripción, para los que no saben inglés pero les interesaría saber por qué la elección de las chicas.

Nº 4: Que Resident Evil, Underworld y LOTR sean fantasía o hasta "terror", también se catalogan dentro de Sci-Fi.

Y más allá de todo, y siempre hay pelotudos que votan negativos porque pueden hacerlo (como lo van a hacer ahora, seguro), el post está divertido de ver y apreciar.
Se agradece el trabajo.
666GeneSimmons666 -1
Che, pasale el google translator al menos... aparte, cuando entre no esperaba encontrarme con chicas de anime
Hubieras usado el traductor-después le das coherencia,asi hago yo-y si,hay gente que lee,ahi te equivocás.

con respecto al post me quedo con éstas cinco (algunas por valor sentimental),por orden de aparición.

Excelente post!!!!
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Udyat dijo:
fabri182 dijo:Inconsistencia entre la foto y la actriz de Sarah Connor.

Esta es Linda Hamilton, que actuo en The Terminator y Terminator 2: the judgement day

Mientras que en la lista dice:

ACTRESS: Lena Headey
CHARACTER: Sarah Connor (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

Que es esta:

forever alone


Bien chico! Me apuré... y como me gusta mucho Linda... se me escapó la tortuga. Ahí lo arreglé! Gracias por el aviso.

tambien te falto Cameron Philips (Summer glau)

cosa de nerds
Matafuego83 +3
Udyat dijo:Es mi post y no me gustan las traducciones robóticas (además en T! muy pocos leen ).

la mejor respuesta. Tenés 900 post con texto en castellano.