los 20 puentes mas populares del mundo!

...20 de los puentes mas populares del mundo!

1. Tower Bridge (London, England)
los 20 puentes mas populares del mundo!
Tower Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in London and one of the world’s most recognisable bridges!

2. Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco, US)
Completed in 1937 as the then longest suspension bridge in the world at a total length of 8,921ft, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous bridge in the world. Situated in San Francisco, the bridge was an enormous construction achievement at the time.

3. Sydney Harbour Bridge (Sydney, Australia)
Sydney Harbour Bridge is the widest long-span bridge in the world at a total length of 3,770ft!

4. Ponte Vecchio (Florence, Italy)
The Ponte Vecchio is the oldest wholly-stone built, segmental arch bridge in Europe!

5. Gateshead Millenium Bridge (Gateshead, England)
The award winning $44 million Gateshead Millennium Bridge is the first and only tilting bridge in the world!

6. Erasmusbrug (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Erasmusbrug is popular for its aesthetic appeal, it is nicknamed "The Swan" due to the shape of the pylon supporting it!

7. Westminster Bridge (London, England)
The clock tower on the far right is popularly called the "Big Ben" and is another important landmark in London!

8. Millau Bridge (Tarn Valley, France)
Millau Bridge is the largest cable-stayed vehicular bridge in the world!

9. Fehmarn Belt Bridge (Baltic Sea, Germany and Denmark)
20 puentes mas populares
When completed in 2018 the Fehmarn Belt Bridge will stretch 11.8 miles and connect the German island of Fehmarn with the Danish island of Lolland at an estimated cost of $2.2 billion. The proposed bridge has been controversial with opposition from businesses and conservationists who fear it may damage local wildlife.

10. The Kintai Bridge (Iwakuni, Japan)
puentes mas famosos
Possibly one of the most unlucky bridges in the world, Kintaikyo was reconstructed in 1673 after every other attempt to cross the Nishiki River via bridge had been foiled by seasonal flooding. The five wooden arches remained intact right up to 1950 when a typhoon finally destroyed them. However, the bridge was again reconstructed three years later and is still crossable today!

11. Oresund Bridge (Oresund Strait, Denmark and Sweden)
los 20 puentes mas populares del mundo!
Oresund Bridge has one of the longest cable-stayed spans in the world at 1,608ft and carries 60,000 travellers by car, bus and train per day.

12. Tsing Ma Bridge (Hong Kong, China)
The gravity-anchored Tsing Ma Bridge in Hong Kong is the 6th largest suspension bridge in the world, and carries more rail traffic than any other bridge on earth!

13. Bosphorus Bridge (Istanbul, Turkey)
The uniquness of the Bosphorus Bridge comes from the fact that Istanbul is the only place in the world where a bridge links two continents - Asia and Europe.

14. San Diego - Coronado Bridge (San Diego, US)
This award-winning bridge quickly became an area landmark after its opening in 1969. With a vertical clearance of approximately 200 feet, the tallest ships can pass beneath it.

15. Akashi-Kaikyō Bridge (Kobe-Naruto, Japan)
The Akashi-Kaikyo bridge is the daddy of all suspension bridges.

16. Hangzhou Bay Bridge (Zhejiang, China)
The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is the longest ocean-crossing bridge in the world!

17. Magdeburg Water Bridge (Magdeburg, Germany)
The Magdeburg Water Bridge is exactly what its name suggests; a bridge made over water!

18. Brooklyn Bridge (New York City, US)
Brooklyn Bridge is the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. At the time it opened, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world fifty percent longer than any previously built and has become a treasured landmark.

19. Nanpu Bridge (Shanghai, China)
20 puentes mas populares
The spiral bridge approach in puxi is considered to be a wonder in world bridge construction. It is made to minimize the amount of land used by the bridge approach.

20. Richmond Bridge (London, England)
puentes mas famosos
Richmond Bridge is the oldest Thames bridge in Greater London!

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ese y el de Brooklyn son los mejores.
Te falto este, el General Belgrano, une Chaco y corrientes !!!
Buen post !!
corrijo, ese y el de Brooklyn son los mejores.
wgjung +1
No seria lo ideal poner la informacion en castellano?
Paulita89 +1
seria bueno que traduscas lo que dice!
saturday +2
_Melanie_ dijo:england
corrijo, ese y el de Brooklyn son los mejores.

este puente aparece en mas peliculas que olmedo y porcel juntos
chup3 +2
y el puente la noria¿
_Melanie_ dijo:puentes
corrijo, ese y el de Brooklyn son los mejores.

Si le habre sacado fotos a este puente.
20 puentes mas populares

Aguante el Puente Carretero qe miurda
huubby dijo:SOS LESBIANA?

puentes mas famosos

¿flaco Qué tiene que ver desodorante con los pochoclos?
te falto el mejor puente del mundo, el puente de la boca.
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