Todos los adelantos Call of Duty ''Iron Wolf''[Black Ops II]

Si estás esperando pacientemente Bacl Ops 2, es posible que desees leer esto. Probablemente recordas hace unos meses cuando las imágenes de un desarrollador de Treyarch estaba jugando un juego llamado Iron Wolf.

Bueno, la pagina yanki está convencida que el nombre en clave para la próxima Black Ops 2 es Iron Wolf. Y mientras nos damos cuenta de que Treyarch tiene una historia de uso de un nombre distinto para cada uno de sus Call of Duty (Black Ops, World at War, Call of Duty 3), no tendría sentido continuar con la serie Black Ops dado las circunstancias de que es un gran éxito.
Tome la serie Modern Warfare, por ejemplo. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare fue un gran éxito, por lo que Activision e Infinity Ward decidieron desarrollar Modern Warfare 2. Y, posteriormente, Modern Warfare 3 fue lanzado dos años más tarde. Era una obviedad. Si hay un juego con el potencial para batir el récord de ventas de Modern Warfare 3, es, sin duda, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.
Además, nos gustaría señalar que el nombre en clave de Modern Warfare 3 fue Project Colossus. Por lo tanto, tiene sentido que el Proyecto Iron Wolf es el nombre en clave para CoD Black Ops 2.

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Black Ops 2 Listed on Amazon

Call of Duty: Black Ops may be getting a sequel this year, if online retailer Amazon is to be believed. The site’s French arm put up a product page for “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2,” before pulling the page down. That’s when things reportedly started to heat up between Activision and the French media.

French site GameBlog (via GameSpot) reports that the after publishing news of the leaked site, Activision contacted the blog requesting the story be pulled. When GameBlog refused, Activision disinvited the site from a preview event for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and supposedly canceled advertising. This doesn’t confirm the news, of course.

Still, a sequel to Black Ops certainly makes sense. Before the juggernaut that is Modern Warfare 3 trumped its early records, Black Ops was Activision’s most successful Call of Duty title. In fact, it called the game the best-selling game of all time in terms of dollars generated. Activision also recently reacquired the Black Ops 2 domain.

Joystiq also discovered a LinkedIn profile referencing development on Black Ops 2.

A sequel to Black Ops seems very likely, but it would be at odds with Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg’s claim that this year’s Call of Duty would bring “meaningful innovation to the franchise.” Call of Duty Elite 2.0 will be built into this whatever Call of Duty 2012 turns out to be.

Black Ops 2 Domain Registered by Activision

Well, who would have guessed? The probability of Black Ops 2 being released this year has been increased significantly, as it’s just been reported that the domain name, ‘’, has been acquired by MarkMonitor. The domain was registered privately back in May 2010. It then used Go Daddy’s Domains by Proxy service. Now, however, it is attached to MarkMonitor, which means that the domain is already brand-protected by a company used by Activision and many Fortune 100 companies.

Of course, we cannot draw any conclusions just yet, but if anything, this indicates a higher chance that we may see CoD: Black Ops 2 this year.

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Looking to know if Black Ops 2 is coming next year? You’re not alone.

David Vonderhaar, one of the Treyarch developers of Call of Duty: Black Ops, apologized for putting ‘Second Chance’ in the game. Don’t know what ‘Second Chance’ is? It’s simply a 3rd-tier multiplayer perk that allows players to use a pistol for ten seconds while downed before dying. The Pro version of ‘Second Chance’ allows an increased bleed out time (around 30 seconds) as well as an option for teammates to revive you.


Vonderhaar recognized the fact that it’s a garbage perk to have in CoD Black Ops, and strongly suggests that Black Ops 2, will not have the ‘Second Chance’ perk.

It’s refreshing to hear the developers own up to obvious flaws. This seems to suggest that Black Ops 2 is definitely on it’s way.

Iron Wolf is the Codename for Black Ops 2

If you are patiently awaiting Black Ops 2, you might want to read this. You probably remember a few months ago when images of a Treyarch developer was playing a game called Iron Wolf.

Call of Duty

Well, we strongly believe that Iron Wolf is indeed the codename for the upcoming Black Ops 2. And while we do realize that Treyarch has a history of using a different name for each of their Call of Duty titles (Black Ops, World at War, Call of Duty 3), it would not make sense to carry on the Black Ops series given the circumstances of it’s tremendous success.

Take the Modern Warfare series, for example. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was a smash hit, so Activision and Infinity Ward decided to develop Modern Warfare 2. And subsequently, Modern Warfare 3 was released two years later. It was a no-brainer. If there is one game with the potential to beat the sales record of the recently released Modern Warfare 3, it is undoubtedly Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

In addition, we’d like to point out that Modern Warfare 3′s codename was Project Colossus. Therefore it makes sense that Project Iron Wolf is the codename for CoD Black Ops 2.

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Future Call of Duty Games

Most of the gaming freaks like me are keeping a close eye on the possible release of the popular ‘Call of duty’ games that includes the upcoming versions of Modern warfare as well as COD Black Ops 2!

As we all know, Call of duty is one of the popular names among gaming audiences. Users are waiting with much anticipation on the future launches. Yes! It is none other than Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 that is expected to be launched by November 2012. This is all about future warfare with the implementation of high end technological graphics and animations; in order to give the game the aggressive looks and functionality that the previous versions have all boasted.

Expectations are running high for COD Black Ops 2 taking in to consideration the fact that COD Black Ops was the biggest selling game of all time in. Another factor that is raising more excitement around the gaming sector is the fact that Infinity Ward as well as Treyarch has never failed to release a new version or consecutive parts of the game on a yearly basis.

According to official sources, it is speculated that close to 13 million copies of Black Ops were sold with a record breaking 5.5 million copies being sold within a day of its release! The latest version also has been rumored by Xbox in its magazine claiming that a latest version of COD Black Ops is imminent and COD: Black Ops 2 is expected to be the title.

After the launch of the much expected Modern Warfare 3 that has been a huge success as far as Call of duty is concerned, now the eyes are focused up on the much awaited game of 2012, and that is none other than Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. The game is expected to make record sales compared to its predecessor! Where as rumors suggests that the sequel series of Modern Warfare 4 cannot be ruled out.

Both Modern Warfare as well as COD: Black Ops are first-person action series and have the reputation of being the most popular games of their kind across the world. All we can do is continue this anxious wait until COD: Black Ops 2 is released, and hope the game will impress just as much as its predecessor.

COD Black Ops 2

Just days after the release of Call of Duty: MW3, gamers are looking to the future and pondering the possibility of a COD Black Ops 2 in 2012.

It has become a common expectancy in recent years to see a new Call of Duty title released each year, whether that be from Treyarch or Infinity Ward – and after the huge success of Black Ops becoming the biggest selling game of all time in 2010 (selling over 13m copies worldwide – with a whopping 5.6 million of these sales coming within 24 hours of COD Black Ops release!), it really should come as no surprise that gamers are already looking forward at the possibility of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

You may remember several months ago we revealed that Xbox Magazine predicted Black Ops 2, speculating that Treyarch would almost certainly be releasing another COD game in 2012, and Black Ops 2 seemed like the most likely title.

The suggestion for COD Black Ops 2 does raise some question marks, though. Does the storyline of Black Ops have enough life in it to create a second campaign? Following mixed reviews from gamers after the release of BO2 (despite astonishing sales figures), would a sequel to the smash hit prove as popular as it’s predecessor? We want to hear your thoughts.

One thing is certain though, with Call of Duty: MW3 now released, within a few months COD fanatics will be searching for the next big thing to look forward too – and we’re not writing off the possibility of COD BO2 just yet…

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Confirmed?

Over at the se7ensins forum one member has released some screens which could confirm Black Ops 2 to be under development by Treyarch. It’s claimed that he and a friend took the pictures (see below) of someone from Treyarch (Black Ops developers) on his friends list – playing a game that has not been announced anywhere.

The game shown in the pictures is titled “Iron Wolf” and has led to mass speculation that this could be the codename for the Black Ops sequel, enter – Black Ops 2. Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look at the pictures below and let us know your thoughts ~ is this the first true sign of Black Ops 2 being developed?

Xbox Magazine Predicts Black Ops 2

If you’ve found us, you’ve probably already done a little research on Black Ops 2. While Treyarch are yet to confirm they are working on the title, their is plenty of online speculation regarding a sequel to the smash hit Black Ops, released in November 2010.

If the Official Xbox Magazine is to be believed, the possibility of seeing a sequel – perhaps as early as November 2012, is actually quite high. In their September edition, commenting on Treyarch’s project for 2012, they said “What will Treyarch’s 2012 Call of Duty game be? Bet on Black Ops 2 says The Ball…”.

The Xbox mag has a reputation for outing Call of Duty secrets, correctly predicting Modern Warfare 2, and the move away from World War II in Black Ops.

Treyarch: Black Ops 2 “A Possibility”

Treyarch have refused to rule out a direct sequel to the smash hit Black Ops, with the creation of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 a realistic possibility. COD Black Ops set record sales levels with it’s release in 2010 which were originally set by Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare 2.

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 confirmed for a release on November 8th, 2011, it seems Black Ops 2 would be unlikey to hit stores until a similar date in 2012, dependant on whether Treyarch actually pursue with their thoughts on a direct sequel.

We shouldn’t forget, however, that Treyarch are yet to build their own COD sub-series so that remains a distinct possibility. When Treyarch manager Josh Olin was questioned about Black Ops 2, he said;

Your guess is as good as mine.

Before adding,

We’re so happy with Black Ops – it was incredible. Everyone hoped it would have this kind of success. We all knew how well MW2 did [in 2009], breaking all entertainment records, so the fact that Black Ops broke through it for a second year in a row and reset that record was incredible. We’re still really glad that we hit the ground with the DLC when we finished the game, because we knew we wanted to get it back out there.

Black Ops has become the best selling game of all time selling over 13.7 million units in the United States alone, so it would be naive to think that Treyarch have not at least considered the potential for the sequel, which would be the potentially epic, Black Ops 2.


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