El futuro de Mac Os X

El futuro de Mac Os X

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El futuro de Mac Os X

Un blog norteamericano insinúa que el futuro para el Mac OS es ser comercializado para cualquier equipo.

El artículo basa su planteamiento en la actual situación económica y que gran parte de los usuarios PC empiezan a utilizar el sistema operativo sin pagar por ello, utilizando dispositivos como EFIX.

Para terminar de complementar la historia se expresa que la desconocida financiación que cubre los honorarios de los carísimos abogados de Psystar pertenece a un grupo clandestino de la propia Apple.

Aquí dejo el documento que está en inglés:

"First we have Mac's move to Intel as their CPU, then add the Psystar situation, mix in the EfiX dongle, throw in a dash of “Hackintosh,” sprinkle it on top with recent Mac hardware that is, IMHO, less-than-the-best, bake it at 350 degrees in a depressed-economy oven for a year or two, and in a short amount of time the chef, who soon might not be Steve Jobs, pulls the Mac Operating System out of the oven and sells a piece of the cake to any computer hardware manufacture or individual user who will pony-up the $$," DougitDesign blogs.

"As a life-long Mac user I hate to say it, but it makes sense to open up the great Macintosh Operating System to the rest of the PC world. If, for no other reason, because much of the PC world is taking a piece of Mac-cake without paying for it right now as I type this blog. It makes sense for other reasons also. It is no accident that we have Coke & Pepsi, McDonalds & BK, Sony's Playstation & Nintendo's Wii, even in the world of corporate consolidation there needs to be at least 2 major players in any product market. If there is ever any less than two major, and I need to stress the word 'Major,' players in any given market people start screaming 'monopoly' and much disdain can, and usually will, be generated for that single entity–even if the contempt is unwarranted. The type of sometimes-unfounded despising for monopolistic enterprises is the generative force behind much of the Microsoft-bashing that goes on in the world today," DougitDesign blogs.

MacDailyNews Take: We "bash" Microsoft because they make inferior, frustrating, derivative products which oftentimes feature maddening disregard for usability. We "bash" Microsoft because instead of pushing productivity forward, they usually hold it back - often in order to line their own pockets. We "bash" Microsoft because they routinely copy — poorly — and then try to pass it off as "innovation." Microsoft made a mint on a type of tech ignorance that, thankfully is evaporating rapidly today. By the way, monopolies are not illegal - until they are abused. Ask Microsoft; they know about that one. We have no problem if a superior company making superior products achieves a "monopoly" and, rather than abusing their market position to stay in the lead, instead pushes themselves to continue to innovate and improve.

DougitDesign continues, "It is not surprising to the author that we have now learned there appears to be some hidden “deep-pockets” funding the high-priced attorneys who are defending Psystar... I would not be completely surprised if, later in time, it was leaked that the hidden “deep pockets” actually came from the trousers of a clandestine group within Apple itself!"

Mas info del documento

Si bien esto fuera cierto, sería la desición total de Steven Jobs de hacer el sueño de muchos usuarios de Pc´s como yo, el poder instalar Mac Os en un ordenador ageno a Apple por las buenas y así recibir Soporte Técnico de Apple en persona.

Sería bueno para Apple, ya que la demanda ha aumentado en aquellos que quieren Mac en ordenadores Intel, así Apple tendría una entrada segura, y por otra, los usuarios no tendríamos problemas de controladores y de compatibilidad.

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