Yo cambie los parametros de mi cfg a estos y me ha ido muy bien. Abrid la cfg (Crogram Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommoncall of duty black opsplayers abrid config_mp.cfg con el wordpad no con el notepad.

seta cg_blood "0"-Sets blood to off
seta cg_brass "0" -Sets Bullets to off

seta cg_drawBreathHint "0" -No longer will show breath hint
seta cg_drawMantleHint "0" -No longer will tell you to jump over things

seta cg_fov_default "80" -Field of vision

seta cg_hudDamageIconHeight "150"
seta cg_hudDamageIconInScope "0"
seta cg_hudDamageIconOffset "10" - This is the red circle that displays when you get hit. Makes it more of an arrow.
seta cg_hudDamageIconTime "3000" "Best Tweak that no one really knows." Also works in Mw2
seta cg_hudDamageIconWidth "50"

seta cg_hudGrenadeIconEnabledFlash "1" -Shows nearby by flashes/or stuns with an arrow
seta cg_youInKillCamSize "2" - when you are in the killcam, there is a circle above your head. Just makes it smaller.

seta cl_maxpackets "100" - improves latency

seta cl_maxPing "110" -Max Ping when searching for random ranked game. (You change to a bit higher if you like)"

seta com_maxfps "125" - this will matter if you have vsync set to "0"

seta r_aaSamples "1"

seta r_blur_allowed "0"- Off to improve performance

seta r_drawSun "0"

seta r_drawWater "0"

seta r_distortion "0" - Off to improve performance

seta r_dof_enable "0" - Off to improve performance

seta r_glow_allowed "0" - Off to improve performance

seta r_motionblur_enable "0" - Off to improve performance

seta r_multithreaded_device "1" -enable mutlicore processing

seta r_specular "0" -Off to improve performance

seta ragdoll_enable "0" - I have mine set to off.

seta ragdoll_max_simulating "8" - just a small tweaks. Less bodies ragdolling lower the better for performance

seta snaps "30"

seta r_flame_allowed "0"
seta r_flameFX_distortionScaleFactor "0 1 1 0.511918"
seta r_flameFX_enable "0"
seta r_flameFX_fadeDuration "0.5"
seta r_flameFX_FPS "1"
seta r_flameFX_magnitude "0.0215147"

seta r_gfxopt_dynamic_foliage "0"
seta r_gfxopt_water_simulation "0"
seta r_glow_allowed "0"

seta r_motionblur_directionFactor "0.001"
seta r_motionblur_enable "0"
seta r_motionblur_frameBased_enable "0"
seta r_motionblur_maxblur "0"
seta r_motionblur_numberOfSamples "0"
seta r_motionblur_positionFactor "0.01"

seta r_waterSheetingFX_allowed "0"
seta r_waterSheetingFX_distortionScaleFactor "0.021961 1 0 0"
seta r_waterSheetingFX_enable "0"
seta r_waterSheetingFX_fadeDuration "0"
seta r_waterSheetingFX_magnitude "0.0655388"
seta r_waterSheetingFX_radius "4.44051"
seta r_zFeather "0"
seta ragdoll_enable "0"
seta ragdoll_max_simulating "0"