todos los comandos

Win /win
Defeat /frustration
Provocation (for level 17 and above) /provocation
Basic greeting /hi
Say with shyness (for level 4 and above) /shy
Sad /cry
Smile /haha
Polite Greeting (for level 13 and above) /greeting
Say /say
Yelling /yell
Show anger (for level 18 and above) /anger
Applause /cheer
Scissors /scissors
Rock /rock
Paper /paper
Wave (for level 20 and above) /wave
Dance (for level 1 and above) /dance
High Five /high
Hug (for level 19 and above) /hug
Hit /hit
Recommend (for level 14 and above) /recomm
Humiliated (for level 16 and above) /humiliate
Gasp /gasp
Ridicule /ridicule
Perform a New Year's bow /saebae

slaltos pro hechos por miy mi clan

espero que les alla gustado y seguire siendo mas pro para mas material que ofrecer