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Nuevo www.tibianeuss.com Open Tibia Server

Website: www.tibianeuss.com

- Experience: Stages
- Skills: 9x
- Magic Level: 8x
- Loot: 4x
- Map: Full Tibia Global Map 7.6
- World Type: PVP

- From level 8 to 30: 60x
- From level 31 to 50: 50x
- From level 51 to 80: 40x
- From level 81 to 100: 25x
- From level 101 to 130: 15x
- From level 131 to 150: 10x
- From level 151: 5x

- More than 200 NPCs which work like Tibia Global, you can ask for name, job...
Answers are replicated from Tibia Global, also items prices. (We are working to add more NPCs).
- Banshee, HOTA, Paradox, Demon Helmet, Annihilator, Behemoth, Draconia, Elvenbane, Orc Fortress, Desert, Crusader helmet, Black knight and many more quests are waiting for you.
- 10.000+ spawns.
- Monsters with the same loot than Tibia Global.
- Free premium account for all players.
- Custom Client 7.6 available for downloading in website.
- Rune shop selling up to 100 charges.
- Amulet of loss in Eremo (Cormaya) 30k.
- Trainer system in thais temple.
- Commands !changesex, /buyhouse, /leavehouse and /sellhouse "player", /q (check your money), !frags and !online available for all players.

Bless System
. Bless function in NPCs: Norf (Thais) Humphrey (Carlin) Edala (Ab'dendriel) Eremo (Cormaya) Kawill & Pydar (Kazordoon) 50k.

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