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juegos nokia 5800

games nOkIa 5800
aca posteo algunos juegos de nokia 5800 eXpress Music .....lo mejor

s60v5: 5800 Xpress Music

juegos nokia 5800
by GLUmobile Ghostbusters: Ghost Trap (ML)
They’re here to save the world again! It’s up to you to take on the role of the entire Ghostbusters team. Equipped with outrageous gadgets, help our heroes capture a wide range of supernatural baddies in this new casual game, thanks to unique & easy one-button gameplay. Enjoy the authentic Ghostbusters universe chasing the funny and frightening ghosts through 50 challenging levels, based on famous locations from the movie. And unlock the 10 hidden collectible ghosts while you master 3 different game modes!


s60v5: Nokia 5800/N97/ 5530 XM/ x6 / 5802 Xm/Samsung Omnia - i8910 HD
Heavy Weapon [Ağır SiLah]
Communists have taken over the world and you are the only hope left! Jump in your atomic tank and take on the whole Red Empire - side-scrolling, shoot-em-up style!


s60v5: Nokia 5800/N97/ 5530 XM/ x6 / 5802 Xm/Samsung Omnia-i8910HD 360x640
M.U.M.U. Judgement day also give your an opportunity to test yourself on the other side of this conflict. As a leader of mutant pack you fight against men and show who the real masters of this new world are.
Dedicated to I. S. Turgenev.


*4 game modes;
*Play as a man or a mutant;
*Plenty of pick-ups and bonus items;
*Abstract black-humor;
*Hand-sketched cartoon storyline;
*World wide on-line score table.


Block Breaker Deluxe 2 EN
Forget everything you know about brick-breaker games! By downloading Block Breaker Deluxe 2 onto your mobile, you’ll have fun rediscovering this great cult game, totally updated for the first time. Besides offering visuals and animations never before seen in a puzzle game – ultra-realistic ball and pad controls, bricks creating stunning, dynamic shapes, and more – Block Breaker Deluxe 2 is also the only game of its kind with a spirit: its elaborate, colorful settings – sometimes mellow, sometimes trendy – will provide a guaranteed change of scenery during supercharged rounds of brick-breaking!
- The ultimate in brick-breaking games: More levels, bonuses, challenges, and surprises than ever;
- Mind-blowing graphics: Next-gen visual effects, animated bricks and obstacles, explosions, and more;
- Elaborate, varied settings calling to mind natural, mellow moods and hip, urban environments;
- All-new level designs and brick combinations, ingenious power-ups, surprising bosses, and more;
- A truly infinite life span thanks to a special mode with a level generator;
- A multi-player mode allowing two people to face off in real-time matches on the same phone.


Earthworm Jim (EN)
juegos nokia 5800
Groooovy! One of the all-time most iconic video game characters is now coming to mobile! Gameloft's remake brings the 1994 iconic run-and-gun platform game that conquered millions of fans with components all reworked to fit the best standards on mobile. Master Jim's powers in a wacky quest throughout the galaxy to rescue Princess What's-Her-Name, and defeat your arch-enemy, Psy-Crow! Explore the crazy universe that offers tremendous gameplay possibilities, surprising characters and cult soundtrack that built the success of this unique game.



Supplier: EA Mobile.
Locale: to English.
Company EA Mobile has released a continuation of its once-successful game Doom RPG. In the second part, we will again dress form dashing paratrooper and landed on Mars in order to deal with the alien creatures! The more the player will fight and do the job, the more will grow from his experience, and as a consequence, the strength and health. At levels can collect or make credit card corporations UAC, and then exchange them for ammunition, medical kits and other nice things. Scientific masterpiece of horror in the classics


PAC-MAN Championship Edition J2ME EN
Are you a dot-chompin' champion? PAC-MAN Championship Edition brings slick new graphics with scrolling mazes and longer ghost chompin' combos! Beware! The higher your score, the faster the speed! Post your scores on global leaderboards and on Facebook! Challenge your friends and the world!

Brand new graphics and championship-caliber new gameplay features!

Faster action! As scores increase, so does the speed!

Longer ghost chomping combos! Eat a second power pellet before the first one ends to keep your combo going!

Global leaderboards! Challenge the world's best!

Facebook integration! Compare and share your score with your friends!


The Simpsons Arcade
Accompany Simpson in an arcade game full of action! Play as Homer and go in pursuit of a top secret donut in the streets of Springfield. Go through 6 levels hilarious, fight hordes of enemies and experience the iconic characters of the series. Will you eat the donut before it falls into the wrong hands?


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