Les dejo unos de los mejores emuladores de Hammond que existen para mi gusto


Native Instruments B4 II

B4 is an emulation of the Hammond B3.


* 9 drawbars per manual and 6 drawbars for the pedals, adjustable keyclick and flexible percussion.
* Tube amplifier and speaker cabinets engineered using Dynamic Tube Response technology.
* Scanner vibrato/chorus, rotary speaker, and tube amp distortion and overdrive.
* Integrated spring and studio reverb units.
* Audio input when used as an effects plug-in or standalone.
* 120 presets and 11 alternative tonewheels sets.
* Intuitive MIDI controller integration including MIDI learn and controller templates.
* Pedal legato and string bass modes make sophisticated playing techniques easy.


http://deposi tfiles.com/files/aslvubcne

Esten Atentos que voy a ir subiendo mi colección de instrumentos virtuales que tengo.