Antares Auto-Tune 5 RTAS TDM VST AU OSX iNTEL

Antares Auto-Tune 5 is a plug-in designed for correcting problems with intonation, typically in vocal performances, but useable on other monophonic instruments, too. Because of the manner in which it corrects pitch, Auto-Tune also makes a useful tool for creatively altering pitch ala the “Cher effect.” Auto-Tune 5 is available in the Native version that supports RTAS, VST, and AU formats, and separately in a TDM version for Pro Tools HD systems. There’s also a version for use with Roland hardware-based DAWs. In Automatic mode, you select a key, a scale type, and a vocal range (alto, soprano, etc.) and let Auto-Tune correct vocal performances on-the-fly.

The Retune Speed function lets you adjust how fast or slow pitch correction is applied to the audio source. Faster settings are useful in pitch correcting vocals with short words/notes, while the slower settings are better for use with long-held notes and performances with portamento.

Bypass and Remove buttons let you select notes in the selected scale to either remove (thus causing a note to be pitch-corrected to the nearest remaining note in the scale) or to bypass correction, leaving certain notes unaffected by pitch correction.

Pitch doesn’t have to be corrected to a predefined scale. Not only can you define custom scales, but with Auto-Tune 5’s MIDI capabilities, you can either play notes to match the vocal performance or you can supply the “proper” vocal melody via a keyboard sequence and have the vocal audio pitch corrected to the performance.

A Targeting Ignores Vibrato button enables a feature that attempts to discern vibrato in a vocal performance and not pitch correct it.

Scales can be detuned from standard A-440 Hz pitch in case you’re working with a performance matched to an out of tune instrument (like an old organ or piano).

The Humanize feature exists for use with vocal performances that incorporate a mix of short words and long-held notes. If you set the Retune Speed to optimally treat the short words, it could render long-held notes a little sterile. The Humanize feature lets you apply slower retune speeds to only the sustained notes.

The Natural Vibrato feature lets you increase or decrease the depth of vibrato in a performance. Note that this only works if there is vibrato in the performance – it doesn’t magically create vibrato (for that, turn to Graphical Mode, or better yet, find a new singer).