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3 libros brutales para la produccion musical ( en ingles )

3 game-changing books for music producers
by tv4db

Ever wondered how to get your kicks right, your mid range awesomely awesome ?

I’ve got EXACTLY what you need!😀

…and to help you on that matter I created this small Top 3 which will help you choose some books that I personally have grabbed some useful knowledge on the subject such as :

Mixing and mastering
Musical composition
My first pick is:

#1 Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers

by Dennis DeSantis.

I personally Love this book!! It’s a great motivator for all musicians. This books gives you small type of tips that you should follow to get the most out of your creativity and manage your time. It is written in a Q & A matter sort of like a teacher/ student kind of vibe. This book will teach you how to start and how to finish your art. It is relatively short but packs a mean punch😀.

My second pick is:

#2 Electronic Music: 25 Mixing Tips for Modern Electronic Music Production

by Roy Wilkenfeld

What I like about this book is that it’s focused in giving you straight up answers to common problems.These 25 music mixing tips are awesome. It’s a small jewel of a book for any EDM music producer out there. It will teach you how to fine tune your kicks, snares and other components, effects and side-chain compression, how to EQ properly and much needed information for this style of music which demands awesome sound design. It costs $2.99 on kindle so its a good bargain and an amazing read. I highly recommend it .
Aaaand laaast but not leaaast:

#2 The Creativity Challenge: Design, Experiment, Test, Innovate, Build, Create, Inspire, and Unleash Your Genius

by Tanner Christensen.

You are probably asking yourself: “Wait a minute, is this a music production book?” You are right; but it’s a book about creativity which is very important. This book focuses in changing the way we traditionally think to create and design. It rolls exercises that help you kill mental block and help you get a better understanding of creativity. So, if you are a creative genius which I know all of you are then get this book and challenge yourself !

Well, these are 3 books I find awesome, with great content and price to get you in the right path to creativity. Even if you are a pro or a newbie these books can help. So kick that drum and build up amazing music so when it drops all the crowd goes wild !!!

Hope this small article helps, peace😀 . Dame un add en facebook/tv4theblind Gracias

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