Ya con el lanzamiento del HBL para las PSP nuevas, se abrio una chiquita puerta para el tema delos homebrew.
chiquita pq el HBL puede emular muy poco homebrew.. pero estaba leyendo en varios lados que grupos tienen aplicaciones hechas que pueden llegar al Kernel de la PSP , cosa que con llegar al Kernel se podria instalar un CFW en TODAS las psp.

Aca les dejo una reseña en particular:

As coyotebean revealed an update for the PSARDumper a few days ago, it appears the number of people in posession of a kernel exploit for the PSP is growing.

We already know that Team Typhoon has one (actually, they’ve had a HEN ready for newest firmwares for a while now)

[ Download ]

It seems coyotebean has one too now, and I know from trusted sources that other people have a kernel exploit and are working on “solutions” for the newest PSP firmwares, including the PSP Go. (Don’t hold your breath, I heard nothing about making those public)

There is an implicit agreement among hackers that these exploits should not be disclosed, because kernel exploits have become extremely rare since firmware 6.00 (it is believed a major cleanup of Sony’s code happened at that time to protect the psp go), so it is quite likely that these kernel exploits are actually one single exploit (so revealing it would ruin the efforts of other teams that try to keep it secret). Also, depending on the hacker, kernel exploits are kept secret for personal and/or ethical reasons .

But the more people are aware of an exploit, the more difficult it gets to keep it secret. (yeah, I know, thanks captain obvious…). This is what happened for the Patapon exploit, that was found almost simultaneously by several teams, which led a kid to leak it by fear of being double-crossed.

Hacking brings two kinds of rewards: personal satisfaction of accomplishing a challenging task, and having other people know about it. When we worked on the HBL, we wanted to come up with the most polished product as possible. Our goal was to say : “no guys, it’s not just a Hello World this time, you can already run most homebrews” (of course because of the leak, that’s not exactly how it happened).

For Kernel exploits, I believe some people think pretty much the same way as I do. They want to release something as good as possible, so they’re keeping it secret as long as possible to keep working on it. But if somebody else reveals the same exploit, then your whole work is pretty much screwed. Whatever people tell, your own exploit will be in the shadows of the first guy who revealed the holy grail.

I’m pretty sure that kind of thoughts goes through the minds of hackers who have a kernel exploit. With the number growing, as it becomes more difficult to trust the “others”, one of them will end up revealing their work. Oh, and usually what happens after that is that all the other hackers insult him/her, officially because “that was the scene’s last kernel exploit, now everyone’s screwed” (which is often what they truely think), but also because internally they might be thinking “dude, I was ready before you were, I had the same f###ing exploit, if I had released it one day before you, I would be the one getting the fame and thanks, but I didn’t because I agreed this had to be kept secret, damn I hate your guts”

Good luck to all the guys who have a kernel exploit and fight to keep it secret…but I believe something will happen soon (don’t quote me on this, it’s not like I have a kernel exploit myself ).

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