Bueno gente, a continuación les traigo una serie de videos del programa de TV "Just for laugh gags" de Canada. Es practicamente similar al "La Vendetta" que tenemos por acá. Espero que les gusten, y no haber cometido ningún error. Si así lo hice o es repost, pido disculpas.

Es mi primer post!

Info: Just For Laughs Gags is a Canadian silent comedy show that is under the Just For Laughs brand. JFL Gags airs on CBC Television and Comedy Network in Canada, and on Telemundo in the United States. This series' format is the typical hidden camera comedy show, playing silly pranks on unsuspecting subjects while hidden cameras capture the people's response (similar to UK hidden camera comedy shows). This show plays music in the background, but does not contain any sound and dialogue (except for brief sound effects). It is filmed in downtown Montreal and rural Québec although some segments are filmed in the UK or Mexico. Sound effects, music and a laugh track are added in post-production (the footage is presumably shown to a studio audience to supply a laugh track, although it may be 'canned').

Silla de ruedas

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=3QTRelLCblE

Auto pintado

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=eR5QmlMEAFE

Robo de neumáticos

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=AL_osId8fy4

Bronceado rápido, muy bueno

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=iG8rP8Lmzwo

El gorila

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=SeVafM4N6jQ

Paciente zombie

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=rP7wNpeTAYY

Pelea de chinos

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=4JyiKX1ABcM


link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=CIUiyF_lV0k

El jugador de basquet

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=eBnYld0CByQ

El uniformado que se roba a tu novia, excelentee!

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=mRb9Buu3kKY

Baño público

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=2SsAyloVIRg

Anclado al piso

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=XakH-XZ65XM


link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=I30zq97jhcI

Mala fortuna

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=yYqhNmF1Kw0

Control de pestes XD

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=HaWEBmKHb2c

El ataque del alien, me mata el tipo del final XD

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=ikhhZbp_RQ8


link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=6gihileoxV8

Visión doble

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=xpB3SOC6vWg

Oficial calavera no se lo pierdannnnnn El mejor

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=FrFU2pxl-_4

Se perdió un bicho XD

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=1nhMrM307sQ

El taxista y la yeso-humana

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=PKK0mGuu6k0

El impacto de la cultura

link: http://www.videos-star.com/watch.php?video=_fYu1TKrDj8