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Ad Hominem - Total Volkërmord

Ad Hominem - Total Volkërmord

Género: Black Metal
Temas de las letras: Anti monoteísmo/ZOG, Culto al individualismo, Genocidio.

war black metal

Mi versión favorita del tema (no se guíen por los primeros segundos...):

Ad Hominem

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The Psalmody Of Sub Humans
Crowded like animals
You?re the waste of existence
Doomed to ignorance
You?ll disappear in shame and pain

The spectre of A. is hauting your minds
It didn?t forgot you were born to suffer
And we, ruling over your insipid lives
We?ll raise our weapons and you will return to the past

The proof of your decay, A. didn?t go away
You will know the agony of your carnal hypocrisy
Burn in the flames of hatred, be forgotten in the sphere of silence
Forever now you will be nothing but an empty page of history

A. rules over the torah
A. rules over the coran
A. rules over the bible
A. rules over you bastards

Es mi tema fovorito de Ad Hominem

Achtung!! !
total völkermord