Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds:
Live at Pink Pop Festival, 1990

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds: Live 1990 + Jools Holland Spe

Parte I: "Black Betty" / "The Witness Song"

Parte II: "I'm Gonna Kill That Woman" / "The Weeping Song"

Parte III: "The Carny"

Parte IV: "The Mercy Seat"

Parte V: "Deanna"

Parte VI: "The Ship Song"

nick cave

Jools Holland Special: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (2008)

the bad seeds

Parte I: "Today's Lesson" (Mayo 2008)

Parte II: "Thirsty Dog" (Mayo 1994)

Parte III: "Cindy Cindy" (Diciembre 1990)

Parte IV: "Do You Love Me?" (Mayo 1998)

Parte V: "Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow" (Mayo 2001)

Parte VI: "He Wants You" (Junio 2003)

Parte VII: "Dig Lazarus Dig!!!" (May 2008)

Parte VIII: "Jesus Of The Moon" (Mayo 2008)

Parte IX: "Midnight Man" (Mayo 2008)