Diablo Swing Orchestra – Black Box Messiah (Nuevo Video)

Ya podemos ver el nuevo video oficial de la banda Diablo Swing Orchestra, de la canción “Black Box Messiah”, la cual se encuentra en su más reciente disco titulado Pandora’s Piñata. Una gran canción, de un curioso y agradable disco. Además, buen video.

avant-garde metal

Diablo Swing Orchestra

Black Box Messiah

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WU1dtLsNHSQ


Stayed with me - so violently
Played all your games on me

Broke all the chains just in time
A leap of faith made me fall back in line

Made peace with what i held for true
Have faith in what i now must do

Sweet devotion, a sacred smile
Traded my secrets so you'll never leave my side

black box messiah

Pandora’s Piñata

Tracklist :
1. Voodoo mon amour
2. Guerilla laments
3. Kevlar sweethearts
4. How to organise a lynch mob
5. Black box messiah
6. Exit strategy of a wrecking ball
7. Aurora
8. Mass rapture
9. Honey trap aftermath
10. Of Kali Ma calibre
11. Justice for Saint Mary

Diablo Swing Orchestra – Black Box Messiah (Nuevo Video)