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Pelicula de bullying en korea (se hacen bosta)

Pelicula de bullying en korea

Si quieren ver desde donde empieza todo el bardo vayan al minuto 2:10

link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf1kFEUF-uU

Nombre: Spirit of Jeet Kune Do: Once Upon a Time in High School
Nombre en español: El espiritu de bruce lee

Sinopsis: Spirit of Jeet Kune Do: Once Upon a Time in High School (Korean: 말죽거리 잔혹사) is a 2004 South Korean drama/action film. The background of the film was set in a high school in South Korea, 1978.

Kwon, who starred as Hyun-soo, transfers to another school. He is sent to a bottom-rank class and experiences violence in classroom by the group of gangsters in his class, led by Jong-hun, who is a stereotypical Korean bully in school. The teachers are also depicted as authoritarian to the students, using violence to the students for the sake of discipline, as did most Korean teachers in the 70s and to some extent in the modern days as well.

Hyun-soo, after a failed relationship with Eunjoo, decides that he will no longer put up with the conduct of Jong-hun and his boys as well as the harsh and violent disciplinary techniques being put up by the teachers, trained himself up in Jeet Kune Do by himself. His father, a martial artist, frequently resorted to minor violence to discipline his son.

Hyun-soo challenged Jong-hun to a duel one day when he was no longer able to put up with his behaviour. Jong-hun and his men were grievously injured from Hyun-soo's whips. Hyun-soo left the military school voluntarily immediately after the duel, and his father subsequently transferred him to a private academy.

Hyun-soo met his friend Hamburger again at the college and talked about their past. Jackie Chan's 1978 movie Drunken Master was featured in the background at the end of the movie as Hamburger and Hyun-soo played a fighting game in front of the cinema complex.

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la pelea recien empieza al minuto 3:50...
linda trifulca, cual es el nombre de la película, los coreanos hacen peliculas exelentes, no pude evitar acordarme de Old Boy
Pelicula loca si las hay! Pone como se llama, adonde se puede bajar