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80 Oraciones de ingles en pasado simple

hola amigos les traigo 80 oraciones por si les piden por una tarea

1. He did the homework
2. He was playing soccer
3. She went to Italy
4. I played in classes
5. The birthday was
6. She played with her cousin
7. We did not do the job
8. They participated in an activity
9. He ate too
10. She lost the race
11. the beating his teammate
12. the wise Italian
13. He had a new game
14. he won many awards
15. She played basketball in Germany
16. I walk by the seashore
17. He was in another country
18. she went to the beach at night
19. John went to the cinema to see a horror movie
20. a child outside the bank coins paid
21. I visit my grandparents on Sunday
22. My cousin called me to leave
23. a child crying in the supermarket
24. He returned to Italy
25. He flew on a helicopter
26. we played all afternoon
27. they did not know English
28. they sang at the theater
29. I strike a worker
30. The bathroom was on the beach
31. she watched TV all afternoon
32. He gave her a necklace to a friend
33. I ran in the Olympic Games
34. they participated in a South American championship
35. we play in the square
36. Yesterday it rained in Talca
37. they saw the work
38. He read many books in class
39. we had to write many sentences
40. They danced in the square
41. happened to all the test questions
42. She sold all her toys
43. I bought many games
44. He was in France
45. He played all night
46. she had to go to his cousin
47. We went to where some friends
48. She cleaned her house
49. I broke the window
50. He lost the keys
51. She lent me a book
52. I liked the movie last night.
53. He pronounced the words well.
54. You noticed Julia's new dress.
55. You missed me last week.
56. They arrived this morning.
57. She used the correct word.
58. We waited for you after class.
59. She invited him to her party.
60. I expected to see her yestErday.
61. They received a letter this morning.
62. Yesterday, I had lunch at Mary¨s house
63. Last year I read awesome books
64. You left me
65. You took a part of me when you went away
66. I bought milk and bread at the grocery
67. Mary washed her car carefully
68. Mother prepared the meals
69. Shops and galleries were closed
70. My car broke dawn
71. You were there
72. I went to University yesterday.
73. We ate pizza last week.
74. They went to School last year.
75. I bought a dress yesterday.
76. They played a football match last week.
77. We studied for the test las week.
78. They drank orange juice yesterday.
79. She went to the supermarket last week.
80. They ate empanadas last weekend.

a mi me paso de k me pidieran estas oraciones y las hize y se me ocurrio compartirlas para ud.
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