Ejercicio preposisiones en inglés

Se trata de rellenar el hueco con una de estas preposiciones:

under, behind, over, in front of, between

1.- I think he’s hiding something _______ his back.

2.- It’s rainning. We will stand _______ the roof to keep dry.

3.- I must be picked up from work _______ 3pm and 5pm.

4.- The dog was hiding _______ the tree. I could not find him.

5.- There was a tall man _______ me. I could not see the stage.

6.- I’ll never forget, such a perfect night _______ the stars.

7.- Place the hat _______ your head to keep your hair dry.

8.- You must put your shoes on _______ your socks, not the other way around.

9.- There is one empty chair _______ us. We could site next to each other.

10.- I will hang the clock _______ the shelf.

11.- The ball rolled _______ the car. I could not reach it.

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