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Este post lo he subido con la intención de que alguno de ustedes con el interés y tiempo suficiente se tome la molestia de re-diseñar a su agrado el contenido de este, traduciendo al español para que toda la comunidad pueda entender perfectamente (incluyéndome)

Me he topado con esta pagina que me pareció interesante y quise compartile con la comunidad de T!


One of my favorite movies is Ratatouille, and one of my favorite parts of it comes when the critic, who you thought was the villain, states that he misunderstood the phrase “anyone can cook”, a phrase he had hated. Instead, he understood it as “a cook can come from anywhere.”

This is how I feel about creativity. Not everyone can be creative, we are all different, but a creative person can come from anywhere even after studying under a pile of rainbow bracelets. So, how do you ignite that creative fire in you? Try these methods.

Get out and get those raw materials you need for creativity. This means reading plenty of books, checking out museums and art galleries, watching movies. You need to feed your mind.
Take what you have seen, and view it from a different angle.
Don’t think too much about what you want, just make it happen. The more you think, the more you are going to lose that creativity as self-doubt comes in.
Let that idea appear out of nowhere. If you force it, it won’t come naturally and you will be left with a creative idea that goes nowhere.
Turn that idea you had into something viable and real.
One great way to do all this is to brainstorm. Let your mind really wander and see where the journey takes you. You will actually be very surprised by what you can discover through just brainstorming an idea and letting all the ideas flow out onto the piece of paper in a natural manner.