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Today I'm making pretty felt elbow patches for a sweatshirt that has a tear at the elbow.

You will need a 3 X 3 inch piece of felt, fabric fuse, iron, ironing board, ruler, scissors, pencil, pen or marker, scrap cloth, sweatshirt, needle and thread slightly darker than the color of your felt.

Iron a piece of 3 X 3 inch fabric fuse onto your felt. The rough side of the fabric fuse is face down on felt. Trim so that fabric fuse slightly smaller than felt so it won't stick to your ironing board.

Draw a heart onto the adhered fabric fuse. You can draw free hand for a whimsical look, or pre-cut a paper or card board heart from a scrap paper, and trace.

Cut out your heart.

Peel away paper from your fabric fuse.

Place heart over elbow area of your sweatshirt sleeve. My tear was exactly at the elbow.

Cover your heart with a damp, scrap piece, of cloth, and iron at high setting for 15 seconds or until damp cloth is dry.

Repeat steps 2 through 8 for opposite elbow patch. Be sure to measure the placement of the first patch and place opposite elbow patch to match.

Using a slightly darker thread than the color of your felt patch, add a running stitch to accent the heart design.

Wear your pretty patched sweat shirt proudly

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