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[Duda] VOX VT40

Hola gente, bueno, la pregunta es:

Alguien tiene o probo este ampli ?, que criticas merece?, son 1400$ bien gastados?...

Aclaro que no tengo pedaleras ni pedales, y el ampli que ahora tengo es re feo ( nativo guri 20 )

bueno, gracias de antemano =).

aca unas fotos y características del amplificador:



Caracteristicas ( que para mi estan en chino basico ):

* Tube-driven VOX Valve Reactor circuit uses a 12 AX7 vacuum tube for true-tube tone
* 99 Expertly voiced presets
o 33 Song Presets: spot-on recreations of the sounds used on classic tracks
o 33 Basic Amp Model Presets: Valvetronix amp modeling at its robust finest
o 33 Effected Amp Model Presets created with variety of effects including Chorus, Flanger and Tremolo.
* 25 In-demand, Top-quality effects
o 11 Pedal-type effects
o 11 Modulation (chorus, Flanger, etc.)/Delay effects with Tap Tempo control
o 3 Reverb styles
* 8 User Programs for saving your favorite custom settings
* Accurate amp models encompass the entire VOX lineage from the traditional AC30 to the modern Night Train, plus an impressive list of other hard-to-come-by classics and rare hi-gain boutique models.
* Amp offers Gain, Volume, and Master Volume; EQ features Treble, Middle, and Bass
* Unique Power Level control can limit the power amp output wattage, creating distinctive power amp distortion at any listening level.
* Built-in automatic guitar tuner
* Newly re-voiced VOX original speaker ensures ample power.
* Headphone output simulates the acoustic and spatial character of a full speaker cabinet
Timeless VOX styling
* Use the optional VOX VFS5 footswitch to change programs to turn effects on and off, or to set the Tap Tempo function.


Review en español:


de nuevo.
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