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Just open WM Recorder Pro, and as you watch or listen to any Windows Media content, those media links are saved for recording at any time. With a couple of clicks, you can capture those clips forever on your PC. Comes with a Handy Scheduler WM Recorder Pro also works great for scheduling live streams. From the saved links, just pick a start and end time, and that stream will be recorded automatically. You can even record at the same time every day for regularly scheduled events. Integrated Media Player WM Recorder Pro also lets you play saved recordings, and make playlists from content you've recently enjoyed, right from within the program. If Windows Media Player™ had a recorder built-in, it would work like this! Advanced Features Power users will enjoy these unique capabilities: * Record password protected videos. * Record at the highest quality on slow connections. * Record multiple streams at once. * Resume recordings. * Record video and audio cached by the browser. * And more! WMR Pro is an integrated Media Player and Recorder. You can use the program as a player, a recorder or both. WMR Pro Recorder When used as a recorder you'll find that WMR Pro is the easiest way to record Windows Media (TM) Video and Audio, Internet TV, Internet Radio or any other content supported by Windows Media Player. Recording can be done at the time of play - Real Time Recording - or later - URL Recording. WMR Pro Player When used as a media player WMR Pro Player memorizes all the streams you visited or played and creates Day History playlists. You can then replay and record your favorites at different times. You can also replay and record video and audio played with Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player while the program is closed. WMR Pro can read your history files and find out previously played media. Internet TV, Radio, Video / Audio Programs In addition, WMR Pro brings you a broad collection of recordable Internet TV, Internet Radio and other Video / Audio programs. You can play, record, update and organize the streams listed in these categories. Real Time Recording 1. Make sure the recorder is in Capture Mode. Click Setting / Capture to turn Capture ON. 2. Click View / Internet TV and right click one of the shows from the MUSIC or FAVORITES sections. 3. Select Play Stream. When the player makes the connection WMR Pro captures the link and shows Recorder Ready: followed by the name of the file. In the RxTx window you can see if the stream data is present or absent. 4. Click Record to start recording. 5. Go back to Internet TV and select another shows to record. 6. While recording click View / Play Current Recordings to preview the files saved in your computer. Click Next on the Media Player to move to the next recording. Playing Day History 1. Click View / Internet TV and right click one of the shows. 2. Select Play Stream. When the video begins go back to Internet TV and select another show. 3. After playing a few shows click View / Play Day History to playback the history file. Use the Next button on the Media Player to move to the next show.

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