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Gigaply 2.02

Gigaply is an unique calculator with optimal feature pack. It's an ideal replacement for MS Windows calculator.
In addition to common calculation functions it includes the number of features that makes Gigaply "the program of choice" for people who need to calculate frequently using PC only: mobile users, students, businessmen, etc...
In opposite to the standard Windows one Gigaply have such useful options like "stay on top", "remember screen position", "animated buttons", "visible memory value", "small on-screen size", "minimize to tray function".
In addition to the features of a basic (four-operation) calculator, Gigaply includes the following: a percentage key, 1/2 fraction key, memory access keys, a sign change (+/-) key, square (x2) and square root (v) keys, a reciprocal key (1/x), 10 programmable tax calculation keys, 12 months support keys (multiplication, division by 12) and step back key.

ftp or hXXp://www21.fixdown.com/endown/ethgglya-2005-06-29.rar